4 Things About Muscle Building Most Guys Miss

4 Things About Muscle Building Most Guys Miss

There are tons of articles out there with conflicting information about what the best route is to building muscle.

Some advocate carb cycling, others say intermittent fasting, some say you should train high-rep, low volume, others say train 6 days per week, focus on strength, etc.

It really comes down to what works best for your body.

However, there are 4 key pillars to bodybuilding that are universal and every aspiring lifter should know these rules and swear by them.

Remember, our bodies are quite happy staying the way they are and this stems from thousands of years of evolutionary programming.

So how do we convince our bodies to change (preferably for the better)? It all comes down to the 4 pillars of bodybuilding.

4 Things About Muscle Building Most Guys Miss


4 Things About Muscle Building Most Guys Miss

Calorie Surplus

It’s pretty simple guys; if you want to grow you need to be consuming more calories every day than you burn.

Likewise, if you want to cut fat you need to be burning more calories than you consume.

When you lift weights you are actually causing little tears in the muscle fiber – your body wants to go repair that muscle and make it bigger so it can handle future challenges easier.

In order to get the necessary nutrients to grow those muscles you will need to be consuming more food than your body is burning each day.

After all, if you are consuming only enough calories to meet your daily caloric expenditure what will be left over to make you grow?

Yes you can gain weight by eating a caloric surplus with cookies and ice cream but the QUALITY of the weight you put on will be bad, which basically means you will get fat.

Progressive Overload

After caloric surplus, this is the next most important pillar of bodybuilding.

Since you are giving your body the extra energy it needs to grow the next step is to make sure you are working your muscles and making them bigger/stronger.

Currently, your muscles are a current size based on both genetics and your lifestyle needs meaning if you live a sedentary lifestyle and never lift anything heavier than a can of soda chances are you don’t have much muscle mass.

Fortunately, you can change this without applying for a physical labor job or going out and living in the wild and hunting your own food.

Get yourself to the gym and start lifting weights – over time, the weight you lift should be increasing.

If you bench 135lbs on day 1 and after a year you are still benching 135lbs for the same amount of reps you probably didn’t grow at all.

You want to be constantly increasing the weight over time.

Sometimes this will be easier than other times depending on how much you are eating, you energy level and your genetics. A great way to make sure you weight is increasing over time is to track your lifts and make sure they are moving up.

4 Things About Muscle Building Most Guys Miss

Accept that you will gain some fat along the way

Some people try to bulk very gently or go on “mini-cuts” every few weeks to make sure they don’t gain any fat.

Well I hate to break it to you guys but during a long bulk you WILL gain some fat.

The good news is with all that new muscle you put on you won’t notice it much and your body will still look better.

Also, cutting is a lot easier with additional muscle mass since muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat does.

This doesn’t mean you should go crazy though – bulking too much fat will lead to a long cut later on.

Keep your Testosterone Levels Up

Testosterone is the key male hormone that is responsible for muscle growth.

With higher testosterone levels you will build more muscle and do it faster.

Did you know that many men have low testosterone production?

If you are one of those unlucky guys that has low testosterone production there are a number of things you can do to fix that.

Make sure you are sleeping enough, eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking in the right ingredients.

The best way to supercharge the natural testosterone production in your body and build more muscle without steroids is taking in an all natural testosterone booster. – See the 3 best testosterone boosters here.

These supplements contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase the natural testosterone production in your body.

Just make sure that the supplement you are using contains scientifically proven ingredients in generous dosages.

See our free guide on the 3 best testosterone boosters here.

So there you have it, make sure that you follow these 4 tips in order to grow as much muscle possible.

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