4 Reasons Why Your Body Simply Can't Lose Body Fat

4 Reasons Why Your Body Simply Can’t Lose Body Fat

Every day we hear from guys complaining that they can’t lose weight despite following the various guides outlined on this website.

Now, replying to each of these would take up way too much time and there are some important factors to consider which is why we decided to write this article.

Look guys, if you are doing all the right things there is no reason why you shouldn’t be losing weight, it’s as simple as that.

Way too many times guys think they are doing everything right (or claim to be) but when we press them a bit it turns out they actually aren’t sure if they are consuming a calorie deficit, or they are only going to the gym sporadically.

Check out the article below to learn about the 4 most common reasons diets fail.

If you can really focus your diet and make sure you are addressing these issues you will definitely make progress.

Also, please read this article before sending us a 5 paragraph email complaining about your thyroid issues!


1 – You Aren’t Weighing Yourself Correctly

Ok lets go as basic as possible here. It is possible that you actually are making progress but the way you are tracking it is making it seem as though that’s not the case.

The problem is a lot of people don’t track their weights properly and then base their progress on it.

Here are a few examples of how people mess this up:

In one scenario you weigh yourself every day at different times and use that to track your weight.

If your weight is heavier on tuesday than it was on monday you say your diet isn’t working.

In fact, some people will weigh themselves first thing in the morning one day, then weigh themselves after a pasta dinner the next day!

Does this sound consistent to you? In fact, we know one person who weighs themselves multiple times throughout the day.

If they don’t like what they see on the scale they skip their next meal!

Obviously this isn’t the way to track progress accurately.

To simplify, people are basing the entire effectiveness of their diet on what the scale is telling them.

To make matters worse they aren’t even using the scale properly which completely distorts their results tracking.

You see, the scale is a great tool for measuring progress – it’s convenient and objective.

However, the number you read on that scale can vary greatly.

In fact, depending on what you’ve been eating or drinking throughout the day your weight can vary by several pounds.

For example, try weighing yourself before and after a big meal – notice how your weight goes up?

Similarly, try weighing yourself after taking a dump – your weight will go down.

Your weight is fluctuating constantly based on what’s going in and out of your body.

In fact, even the time of day and clothing can influence your weight quite a bit.

Therefore, if you are weighing yourself at random times of the day you will not get consistent, measurable results.

Solution: Weigh Yourself Properly

The most important thing here is to weigh yourself first thing in the morning before eating anything but after peeing.

If possible weigh yourself without any clothes on or at least keep the clothing consistent.

This will help eliminate the effects of any food or drinks as you have been fasting for a while.

Next, you will want to weigh yourself every morning in this state and record the weight.

Take an average for the week and use that number to help iron out any outliers.

If there is a particularly day where you are randomly 3-4 pounds heavier just remove it from the data – it’s probably because your body was just retaining a lot of water that day.

Continue to do this for 4 weeks and then compare the data – has your weekly average decreased each week?

How does your average weight compare in week 4 vs week 1?

You might be surprised to find out that you are losing more fat than you think.

This really helps eliminate factors that can cause you to weigh more on a particularly day.

For example as mentioned above you might consume a lot of salt during a particularly meal and as a result you end up retaining a lot of water the next day.

Therefore, the guy who saw his weight decrease from monday-wednesday freaks out on thursday when his weight is suddenly much higher.

By taking averages you eliminate this variance and get a more accurate picture of how you are doing.

In addition to weighing yourself you should also take measurements.

For example, measure your waist, chest, arms and thighs and track those measurements over time.

Sometimes those measurements might decrease while your weight stays the same – usually this is because you gained some muscle which isn’t a bad thing.

Just remember to take these measurements at the same time to eliminate as many outside factors as possible.

2 – You Aren’t in a Calorie Deficit

This is where most people fail at dieting – they simply aren’t restricting calories as much as they need to.

You just can’t write an article about losing fat without stressing the importance of consuming a calorie deficit.

The truth is that most people eat more calories than they think and burn less than they estimate.

As a result, the so-called calorie deficit is really just eating at maintenance calories.

Therefore, if you are tracking your weight correctly, doing resistance training and cardio and eating clean but you are still not losing weight guess what – you are eating too much.

Stop blaming your lack of progress on being in starvation mode, macronutrient breakdown, meal frequency or any of that other crap. It’s just a lack of calorie deficit.

Now, this lack of deficit can be caused by a number of factors such as a lousy training program, not actually following your program, not counting calories correctly or overestimating how many calories they are burning through cardio.

Obviously it takes some trial and error to figure out what your base metabolic rate (BMR) is however when it comes to the number of calories you are consuming you should be able to calculate this very accurately.

Shaped and healthy body man holding a fresh salad bowl,shaped abdominal, isolated on white background, colored retouched

Solution – Recalculate Your Consumption

Make sure you are accounting for every calorie you are consuming – every ingredient you use while cooking.

Some people don’t include the olive oil they use to cook their food with but not only does that end up in your stomach – it actually contains a lot of calories!

You will also want to re-evaluate your BMR which you might be overestimating.

This is tricky because it takes some trial and error.

However, if you are positive you are tracking your calories properly and you still can’t lose weight it might be due to your BMR.

3 – Hormone Inbalance

Do you know why some guys look feminine?

They have a soft feminine voice, small muscles, and get easily fat.

For these guys it’s very hard to lose fat and build muscle.

These guys have high estrogen levels and low testosterone in their body.

When that happens you can experience some pretty nasty symptoms.

These include low libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, poor recovery from exercises, fatigue and low energy levels.

So if you have high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels it’s almost impossible for you to lose weight and build muscle.

This could be the reason why you are not losing fat and have an extremely hard building up muscle mass.

Solution – Turbocharge Your Testosterone Production

To get higher testosterone production and less estrogen in your body there are certain things you can do.

There are ingredients available that will boost your testosterone levels.

This is probably the most effective way to naturally increase testosterone production.

So if you take in these ingredients you will have higher testosterone levels.

You might be asking “what will happen if I have higher testosterone levels?”

You will be able to build muscle mass faster, lose fat more rapidly, increase in sex drive and energy.

It’s no secret why so many bodybuilders take in these ingredients.

We’ve actually made a guide on these supplements and ingredients that boost testosterone levels.

You can now see our testosterone boosting guide for free here.

4 – Your Expectations are Too High

This one is kind of funny. Some people will write to us out of frustration that they aren’t losing any weight.

They claim they are tracking calories accurately, lifting heavy and doing everything else right yet are not seeing any results.

When asked how much weight they lost over the last month they will say 3-4 pounds.

What they obviously do not realize is that losing 3-4 pounds a month should be your target – any more than that and you will be burning away that precious muscle mass.

In other words, people think because they aren’t losing 10 pounds of fat per month they aren’t’ making any progress.

These guys probably know someone who lost weight very quickly and are aiming for a similar result.

Unfortunately that type of training does not work as it leads to significant muscle loss.

In the end  you do lose lots of weight but your body doesn’t look very aesthetic. While it still might be better than being fat you obviously want to look the best you can and if it takes a bit longer to do so then so be it!

Solution – Re-Evaluate Your Expectations

1 pound per week is a solid rate for fat loss.

Any more than that and you will end up with a less than ideal physique.

Remember that losing fat takes time and there is no need to rush the progress.

At the end of the day it’s better to spend 4 months cutting down and ending up with a great, shredded physique with six pack abs.

Compare that to the guy who does it in 2 months but ends up skinny fat with no abs. The choice here is obvious!

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