4 Normal People Try P90X And Get Absolutely No Results

4 Normal People Try P90X And Get Absolutely No Results

So these 4 normal people tried the P90X program with high hopes and enthusiasm. The results after 90 days on the program were nothing impressive, maby they did not push themselves hard enough who knows?arnold pranksDid you know that Arnold has his own supplements called Arnold Schwarzenegger Series?

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5 thoughts on “4 Normal People Try P90X And Get Absolutely No Results”

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    Robin Schneider

    Omfg You should put them on a casual 12×3 and 5×5 hybrid Programm… with some one rep maxing in there.. and they would have loved it and gotten way better results.

  2. Avatar

    I can’t believe that with all the information on nutrition, people still think that just doing a workout gets them results.

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