4 Exercises For a Thick Back, Best Back Muscle Workout

4 Exercises for a Thick Back

We sometimes joke that a lot of bodybuilders have 2-dimensional bodies. They look great when you look at them from the front but when they turn sideways it’s as if they disappear.

This is due to the lack of back thickness – but don’t worry, it’s fixable. In order to achieve that look you need to focus on exercises that target the mid-back, and we aren’t talking about pull-ups!

While pull-ups are a great back exercise when done correctly, most people are taught to do them the wrong way.

Typically people perform them in such a way that emphasizes the arm involvement.

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exercises for thick back muscles

While this isn’t necessarily dangerous per-se, it doesn’t involve keeping the shoulder blades back during the top of the lift – an essential component for hitting the back muscles optimally.

So we aren’t saying that pull-ups are a bad exercise – just that they are mostly done incorrectly.

Having said that, if you are doing them properly continue to do them but also feel free to add in these exercises to build even more back thickness.

J Rope Pulls

This is a kneeling exercises that is performed with the cable machine. The exercise is similar to a pull-over except that it allows you to keep the scapulae retracted and pull the weight down in a seamless way that targets the upper-lats effectively.

It takes a bit of practice to get it right but once you have it down you will definitely feel the lat involvement.

We recommend grabbing a towel or matt for your knees so they don’t hurt from kneeling on the gym floor.

Lat Pulldowns

This is one of the kings of lat development particularly due to the problems with the pull-up that we mentioned above. It’s a lot easier to perform the exercise properly and hit the right muscle groups.

While this is not traditionally a mid-back exercise, it definitely becomes one when you add a pause at the peak of the contraction. If you are able to control the weight at this point it’s shows that you have great back strength.

While you can try this technique with a regular pull-up, chances are your form will break down quite rapidly.

If you do this exercise properly you will have to lower the weight quite a bit which means you probably won’t be able to do it correctly with your body weight hanging from a pull-up bar.

Trap-3 Raise

exercises for thick back muscles

If you are like most people, your upper traps are much stronger than your lower traps. That’s why the positioning of your arm in this exercise is crucial – the position along with the movement of the arm helps leverage the lower traps more effectively.

You shouldn’t need much weight to make this exercise effective – 10 pounds should be more than enough!

Kettlebell Angled Press

This is one of the exercises we make our clients to that have lacking back muscles. You can get a custom report tailored for your body type and goals for free. All you have to do is click here and take our 30 second survey and we’ll send you a custom report for free.

This trap movement emphasizes the lower traps and can really help round out your physique.

Given that there is an isometric portion of this exercise it can be very easy to slip up on form, so make sure you don’t go overboard with the weight!

Hold the kettlebell close to the body and keep your shoulder blades retracted.

Given that kettlebells distribute the weight more evenly you will have greater range and there will be a feeling that the weight is heavier than it is.

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While your training routine and diet are important, you simply won’t get optimal results if your testosterone levels are low.

This key hormone plays a crucial role in muscle growth and without it you will never build a great back – or any muscle for that matter. That’s why you need to make sure your levels are as high as they can be.

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Building a great back is a great way to round out your physique and strengthen your body to make gains in other muscle groups. Unfortunately, most people neglect their back because they can’t see the muscles in the mirror as easily.

Don’t make that mistake! By adding these exercises into your routine you can help jump-start you lat and trap development and finally add the back thickness you desire.

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