Top 3 Foods For Faster Muscle Recovery

3 Weird Foods That Help You Muscle Recover Faster After Workouts

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Do you often find yourself sore for a couple of days after working out? Aches and pains are common among people who like to lift heavy weights with high levels of intensity. While using proper form and warm-up can definitely help reduce these symptoms there are also some foods out there that can help improve your recovery speed. Check out the list below for some of our top picks!

1 – Blueberries

foods for muscle recovery

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants that help reduce muscle fatigue and clear out toxins from the body. Additionally they taste delicious and can easily be added to your post-workout smoothie.

2 – Pomegranates

foods for muscle recovery

Yet another great source of antioxidants. While Pomegranates might take awhile to peel they are well worth the effort. They help speed up recovery time and contribute to overall improved health. Feel free to add them to your greek yogurt to mix things up a bit!

3 – Ginger

foods for muscle recovery

Ginger is loaded with nutrients that fight inflammation. In fact, studies show that people who take ginger tend to experience significantly less muscle pain.

Testosterone – Ultimate Recovery Hormone

In addition to helping you;

  • build more muscle mass,
  • lose fat
  • and be more energetic,

having high testosterone levels also makes you recover faster! This is yet another reason it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your high t-levels as high as possible! – You can see the top 3 testosterone boosters on the market here.

Some of you guys have been really skeptic on why we constantly talk about test boosters. I get that it might be annoying especially if you’ve never actually tried a product like that before. You’re probably just thinking “why would I even need this?”.

Well guys to be honest we would never recommend something that we know wouldn’t benefit you. That would be wrong.

I hope that one day some of you at least will believe us because we’re in this together and we truly want the best for you and we truly believe that you will feel better once you start taking care of your testosterone levels.

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