3 Simple Tricks To Lose Water Weight Using a 3 Week Approach

3 Simple Tricks To Lose 10lbs Of Weight in 3 Weeks

I think you will agree with me when I say that losing weight is NOT hard.

However the real struggle is to lose fat.

As many people start on their fat loss journey they lose a lot of water from the body.

They might think they are losing fat but in reality they are just losing excess water from the body.

In this article we are going to cover how you can get beach ready in 3 weeks by losing 10 lbs of Weight in 3 weeks.

Which means I’m going to give you the secret tactics to get rid of excess water retention and how you can lose a few pounds of fat in the process.

1. Drink Up

To lose excess water weight that can make you look fat it’s very important to drink enough water.

There is something really interesting that happens when you drink a lot of water.

What happens is if you drink more than 1 galloon of water for a few days in a row your body starts flushing out more water as a result.

So your body is not going to retain as much water because it is getting so much of it.

After doing this for a couple of weeks you could try to slowly cut down your water intake.

As a result your body will still be in a “water flushing mode” and all the excess water will go away.

It’s very important to not take this tactic to the extremes as it is can be dangerous to drink too little water.

2. Control your carb intake

Did you know that 1 gram of a carbohydrate can hold about 3 grams of water in your body?

This is the reason why you feel bloated after a large pizza.

It contains so many carbs and as a result your body will be holding more water.

What happens when you go on a low carb diet is that you almost never feel bloated.

It’s because your body cannot hold as much water.

This will in turn make you look more cut and shredded.

This can also work pretty quickly and results can be noticed within a couple of weeks on a low carb diet.

3. Get the fat loss effects of Clen WITHOUT the side-effects and legally..

how to control body fat

Okay, so wait?

I understand you may think I’m going a little overboard here.

But hear me out:

How do you think the pro fitness models are able to get shredded so fast?

You know why, right?


Taking the illegal fat loss drug clenbuterol is dangerous, stupid and illegal…

So here’s the good news:

It’s the year 2017 and you don’t have to take the risk of experiencing all those nasty side-effects anymore!

The supplement industry has evolved fast in the last decade and a couple of premium bodybuilding supplement companies have been able to formulate legal clenbuterol alternatives that mimic the powerful fat loss effects of clen WITHOUT the side-effects!

Isn’t that AWESOME?

Just imagine your new body a short 30 days from now after you’ve taken the leap of faith with a legal clenbuterol alternative! You’ve lost so much fat that all of your friends will get so jealous that they’ll probably call you a cheater….

When in fact you’ve just been taking advantage of these legal clenbuterol alternatives and experiencing the fat loss effects of clen without the side-effects and without doing something illegal! Just like almost every ripped person is doing now anyway.

Here’s the best legal alternative on the market right now:

#1 Winner: Clenbutrol by Crazy Bulk


Clenbutrol has been voted the #1 clenbuterol alternative for a few years now and after we thoroughly researched the supplement and the company behind it we came to the same conclusion.

It’s been voted that for a good reason. Clenbutrol is PACKED with premium natural ingredients that can mimic the fat loss effects without the side-effects. They also have LOADS of testimonials from customers who were struggling to lose weight just like yourself, but after they added this supplement into their diet, the ball finally started rolling fast.

Before and After pictures

clenbuterol before and after results

You can see more male and female testimonials and real Clenbutrol results on their => Official Testimonials Page.

Stack it

anavar results cutting stack offer

Supercharge your Clenbuterol results with the Cutting Stack. The Cutting Stack is designed for MEN that want the fastest and the absolute best results possible. WOMEN should NOT stack it, the Cutting Stack is too powerful for them.


  • 100% natural, safe and legal
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  • Premium priced
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Learn more:

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