3 Simple Reasons Why You're Not Getting Any Bigger

3 Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Bigger

So you’ve been lifting for quite some time. Putting in the work. Benching with your mates on Mondays and you’ve been doing thousands of biceps curls.

But somehow nothing’s happening. You’re not getting any bigger. In fact you haven’t made any gains in months. WTF is happening? Why am I not making any gains? BroScience plzz help me 🙁 do I need to juice?

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Almost every time the reasons are simple. These 3 simple reasons will help you understand why you’re not getting any bigger.

1. You’re not eating enough

You might think you are. But the reality is. You. Are. Not. Eating. Enough. Not even close to it.

If your goal is to gain size. You need to eat accordingly. Always be eating and I guarantee (given that your training is hardcore) that you’ll get massive.

2. Your training program is way too complicated.

Squat. Deadlift. Bench.

Squat. Deadlift. Bench.




Are you getting the point? This is the foundation. Do it right. Make sure that you do at leat 7 sets of these exercises on their day.

7 sets of 20 HEAVY rep squats on leg day. Plus 4-5 sets of couple other leg exercises.

7 sets of 12 rep deadlifts on back day. Plus 4-5 sets of couple other back exercises.

7 sets of 8 rep bench press on chest day. Plus 4-5 sets of couple other chest isolation exercises.

3. You don’t have a specific goal

When you feel like you have nothing to work for, you may be inclined to skip reps, omit sets or otherwise dog an entire workout. Giving yourself a specific goal to conquer— deadlift 2x your bodyweight, for example—can feed motivation to bust through boredom and plateaus. Additionally, accomplishing your objective will be a confidence booster.

There you have it. Our 3 simple reasons why you are not making any gains. Those weren’t secrets. The basics, the real secret is that the basics are always the most effective.

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