Nutrition Specialist Gives Us 3 Key Tips For Fat Loss

Nutrition Specialist Gives Us 3 Key Tips For Fat Loss

Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you want to let your body go completely.

Remember that spring isn’t too far away (and you might just go down south at some point this winter).

All that to say you want to make sure your body is always looking shredded.

Now maybe you put on some muscle mass but you are also carrying some extra body fat that is covering it up.

What can you do to make sure you are always looking your best?

Check out our nutritional tips below to find out!


1 – Eat Higher Quality Food

Just because you are consuming a calorie deficit doesn’t mean you will lose nothing but fat.

If you are constantly shoveling low-quality, processed foods when you get hungry then your physique will suffer.

You see, a lot of people mistake “weight loss” with “fat loss”. What’s the difference?

If you consume a calorie deficit, regardless of what kind of food you are eating you will LOSE WEIGHT.

However, the quality of the food you eat will determine whether that turns out to be fat loss or muscle loss.

Why is this important? Losing mostly muscle will leave you looking weak and unaesthetic.

You will likely still have a belly and won’t be too excited to take your shirt off.

However, if you lose mostly fat you will look cut, tight and aesthetic.

In order to make sure you lose the right kind of weight make sure you consume a diet that is mostly clean, whole foods.

It’s perfectly fine to have the occasional cheat meal, but don’t let them become too frequent.

2 – Don’t Cut Calories Too Aggressively

A lot of guys mess up by trying to cut fat too quickly.

They have a trip coming up in 3 weeks and want to get shredded by then.

The result is a weaker, less-muscular physique.

Look guys if you want to maintain the muscle mass you worked so hard to build make sure you lose fat at a rate of 1 pound per week.

This rate is sustainable and safe.

In addition to losing lots of muscle your metabolism will also slow down when on a severe calorie-restrictive diet.

That means when you do finally increase your calorie intake again your body will store more of those calories as fat.

As you can see, cutting too aggressively will not only cause you to lose muscle – it will also cause you to gain more fat later.

3 – Eat a Variety of Healthy Foods

If you are like most guys you eat the same thing for breakfast every day (and probably the same few foods for lunch and dinner).

The problem with this structuring your diet this way is that it causes you to miss out on certain nutrients you only get from other foods.

When setting up our diet, include lots of protein-rich foods such as whey protein isolate, eggs and chicken.

Also make sure to consume healthy fats such as those found in olive oil, fish, avocado and nuts.

Veggies are great because they are very low in calories – in other words you can eat tons of them without worrying about getting fat.

Finally, high-quality complex carbohydrates such as whole what bread, pasta, potatoes and rice can help provide you with the energy needed to get through those tough workouts.

***Bonus Tip***For Fat Loss

This is something that I don’t talk about too often.

What I have realised in recent years is that some supplement companies have actually created supplements for fat loss that work pretty damn well.

The reason I don’t talk about this that much is that you actually don’t need supplements to lose fat, even though they will help a lot.

By taking in a supplement designed for fat loss you will get benefits that will turbocharge your fat loss results.

As I said before you don’t need them to lose weight but they will make you lose fat faster.

The reason for that is 3 things.

  1. Eliminate hunger cravings, you won’t get as hungry throughout the day.
  2. Increase your metabolism, so you will burn off more calories each day.
  3. They boost your energy levels. This will help you to be more alert and get through hard workouts on a calorie restrictive diet.

As you see these benefits are extremely helpful for losing fat.

You can check out our guide on the best fat burning supplements here.

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