3 Crucial Tips for a Successful Cut

3 Crucial Tips for a Successful Cut

It’s cutting season once again and tons of bodybuilders are now adjusting their diets and training programs to burn off that stubborn fat that is covering up all their gains. While some guys look forward to cutting and taking a break from shoveling tons of food down in order to put on muscle, other guys hate it. If you are someone who has struggled with dieting in the past, or simply wants to optimize their own cut, check out the article below. Today we will be breaking down 3 crucial tips for a successful cut.

1 – Count All the Calories

When you are calculating the calories in, say, your daily omelette – what exactly do you include in the calculation? If you are like most guys, you count the calorie content of the eggs (or egg whites if you are using those). While this might seem accurate you are actually not capturing the full calorie content of the meal! For example, if you used olive oil in your frying pan when cooking the omelette, those calories will end up in the meal. Also, if you added some milk or veggies to the omelette those calories are also part of the meal.

If you don’t count all of the ingredients you simply won’t be capturing the true calorie content of the meal. While this might not seem like a big deal, olive oil and veggies can easily add another 100-200 calories to your meal. If this is happening consistently you might be consuming maintenance level of calories when you think you are actually at a deficit level. To make things easier for you, record the calorie content of all the recipes you cook most commonly. That way, when you make your omelet you will know the exact macronutrient breakdown including the ingredients.

2 – Read the Labels

There are tons of websites out there that can help you estimate the calorie content for pretty much every food. Having said that, you should always rely on the nutrition label that comes with the food. Otherwise you could end up messing your macronutrient count big time. For example, some protein bars contain lots of sugar, carbs and fat while others are almost entirely protein. If you just use some default macronutrient breakdown you found on the internet you are likely not capturing accurate values.

The labels will also contain valuable information about the types of preservatives and additives found in the food. Even in the case of protein bars, it’s always good to check the label to see what the source of the protein is. Often the cheaper protein bars will use less expensive or low quality protein in order to manage the cost. For our purposes, whey protein isolate is obviously the ideal choice.

The other thing you want to pay attention to when it comes to nutrition labels is the serving size. This is where food companies like to trick you into making it seem as though the food you are purchasing is low in calories. Look at the serving size and ask yourself if that is actually how much you will be eating. Oftentimes we end up eating far more than the serving size but do not adjust your macronutrient calculations to include this. You can always measure out your foods before you eat them so you can make the necessary adjustments. Alternatively, look at the serving size in grams (g) and then check the size in grams of the entire box. This will tell you, for example, that the serving size is 1/10th of the box. From there you can determine how long the product lasts you (as in, how many meals) and make the calculations that way.

3 – Take a Fat Burner

Look, we can understand why you might be hesitant to use a fat burning supplement. We all remember those weird late-night infomercials targeted towards fat people watching TV alone. These people would go from one product to the next and nothing would work for them – of course they would blame their genetics and not their complete lack of effort. While those low-quality products might have done nothing for them, we are happy to say the industry has changed a lot.

What we are seeing now is a new generation of fat burners that use high quality, natural ingredients to speed up fat loss. They achieve this in three different ways. First of all, they naturally speed up your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day. That means you won’t have to cut calories as aggressively and will have an easier time hitting that target calorie deficit.

Second, fat burners will help suppress your appetite. That means you will get less of those dreaded hunger cravings and as a result will have a much easier time staying on track with your diet. While willpower is important when on a diet you don’t want to be testing it too much. Finally, a high quality fat burning supplement will boost your energy levels. Typically when people are on a diet they feel tired and cranky – this leads to weak workouts. However, with the energy boost that a quality fat burner delivers, you will have more energy to lift heavy and to get through those intense cardio sessions.  

When it comes to picking out a quality fat burner we totally understand that it can be overwhelming. There are tons of products out there and it can be difficult to figure out just which one you should be taking. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve determined what sort of ingredients you should be looking for and even tested out some of the top products on the market. Click here to check out our dedicated fat burner page to learn more.

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