23 Year Old Russian Girl Bench Presses 375 lbs, But Wait Until You Hear Her Voice

23 Year Old Russian Girl Bench Presses 375 lbs, But Wait Until You Hear Her Voice

This 23-Yr old Female weight lifter can bench more than Most guys I know, and what we mean by that is she can probably Pick you up and bench press you. She has a staggering 170kg or 375 lb Max bench press and a deadlift of 240kg’s, or 530 lbs! 



This Girl has it going on, to say the least, accomplishing all of the above lifting on a 202lb Frame at a height of 5’5″. This isn’t a girl you want to mess with in any situation, let alone try to challenge her to an Arm wrestling match. She looks absolutely jacked beyond belief and we know the real question everyone is thinking: Is She using Steroids or what? Have a look below and see for yourself – Share this with your Bro’s who think they can outfit you and everyone else in the gym, we’d love to see the look on their faces!


Remember those ads that say “Single Russian women are waiting for you” (of course you remember them I know you clear your browser history every day), well little did you know that this is the single Russian woman that’s waiting for you.






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10 thoughts on “23 Year Old Russian Girl Bench Presses 375 lbs, But Wait Until You Hear Her Voice”

  1. Avatar
    Philip Andrews

    The person is a guy! Look at the forehead. Its a tranny… Can’t anyone tell the difference anymore…? The voice is straightforward male. Calling ‘it’ she is an insult to proper female fbbs…

  2. Avatar

    Of course she is doing steroids. And absolutely massive amounts of them.. Anyone who doesn’t think so, has no knowledge of what is possible for a natural female. And being over 200lbs is not it. Most guys aren’t that big. She is probably doing more steroids than a lot of men are. that is the only possible way any female can get that big or strong. Only way…

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