21 Gym Problems We All Know To Be True

21 Gym Problems We All Know To Be True

1. When you get to the gym and you realise you forgot your headphones and can’t listen to your “get pumped” playlist.

forgot headphones

2. When you’re lifting your heaviest and someone walks right in front of you to pick up 5kg dumbbells.


3. When you’re resting in between sets and someone is hovering over you, waiting to use the machine.

resting in between sets

4. Or when you’re waiting on a machine and the person on it has no fucking clue what they are doing.

no clue what doing

5. When you see someone with bad form who thinks they are really good and your heart mourns for them.


6. When your trainer or gym partner tells you it’s the last few reps and then they increase it at the last minute.

gym partner

7. When you let out a protein fart and pray no-one notices.


8. When people don’t re-rack their weights.

rerack weights


9. Or decide to curl in the squat rack…

curl i squat rack

10. When you’re trying to get in your reps but someone next to you is grunting like they’re having a fucking sexathon.


11. Or when you can feel someone creeping on you.


12. But then you realise how easy it is to do…

creeping 2

13. When you’re trying to check your form in the mirror but someone is taking a gym selfie.


14. When you’ve just done a leg workout and you have to walk down a flight of stairs.

after leg day

15. When you go to drink your protein shake and you realise you haven’t cleaned out your shaker properly.

dirty shaker

16. Or when you forget your protein shake entirely and you have to search in desperation so your workout wasn’t a complete waste of time.

forgot protein shake

17. When you finally recover from leg day…and then it’s leg day again.

finally recover leg day

18. When someone asks you to skip the gym and you have to lay down the law because they just don’t get it.

skip gym

19. When you tell your gym buddies or trainer that you’re going on a night out.


20. When you go overboard on cheat day and then you have to enter it into MyFitness Pal.

cheat meal

21. When you question the entire process.

plain chiken

But then you realise it’s all worth it.

all worth it

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