2016 Mr. Olympia Predictions

2016 Mr. Olympia

2016 Mr. Olympia Predictions


This is without a doubt the most exciting Mr. Olympia contest that I’ve ever seen since I got into the sport. We have legends coming back, new guys coming up, and a lineup that is the most competitive that we have seen in a long time. I don’t think that there are any heavy favorites aside from Phil returning as Mr. Olympia…so essentially the title is up for grabs by multiple people. It will be a battle!


PHIL HEATH – Phil is the champ and has won this show the last 5 years in a row. There is a reason he is the champ as he is extremely dangerous with a complete physique that gets insanely peeled. There are certain shots that Phil has won with ease, like the back double bicep, for the last several years. I have no doubt that Phil will look good…he always looks good. I also think that Phil knows the stiff competition this year and will bring his best physique to date!


KEVIN LEVRONE – Kevin is a straight up legend in the sport. He is older now and he hasn’t competed in a long time. The big question that needs to be asked here is if Kevin has returned to his old form or not. If he has then he is a definite threat to win the show. No doubt about it! If he hasn’t then it will still be nice to see him make a respectable showing on the Olympia stage and give us a glimpse into the past of Bodybuilding history.


DEXTER JACKSON – I’m going to say it right now, I think that Dexter is going to win the Mr. Olympia this year. If he does then I believe he will surpass Ronnie Coleman’s record of most pro wins of all time! If he does this then he will make history and going down as one of, if not the greatest, bodybuilders of all time! Dexter always comes in shredded, is aesthetic as f*ck, and I think he came to win this year! I see him at Gold’s Venice and he is looking crazy!


SHAWN RHODEN – Shawn is going to be the most aesthetic physique on the stage without a question. Shawn now has the mass to hang with anybody and if he is in great condition then I can see him as a threat to take the title away from Phil. He will definitely be in the first callout and should be in the top 3.


WILLIAM BONAC – William Bonac was straight up overlooked last year and should place much higher this year. I think that if he gets the right looks and callouts from the judges that he will crack the top 5. He is complete, aesthetic, conditioned, and everything that a bodybuilder should be. If he gets a look then he will show why he should be in the first callout and top 5 of the show.


CEDRIC MCMILLAN – If I could choose to look like any Mr. Olympia competitor then it would be Cedric McMillan. He will be the 2nd most aesthetic on the stage next to Shawn Rhoden. Plus, Cedric is tall like me and Arnold loves him (I wish Arnold loved me). Cedric should’ve beat Kai at the Arnold this year. If he is in shape then he could win the show no doubt!


ROELLY WINKLAAR AND BIG RAMY – I am putting these two guys together because they both come from Oxygen Gym and will arguably have more muscle than anybody else on the stage. If they are in condition then either one can be a threat to the top 5. If Big Ramy comes in condition then he could win the show. The dude is huuuugggeee!


VICTOR MARTINEZ – Victor is somebody I’ve been a fan of for a while too. He should have won the 2007 Mr. Olympia against Jay Cutler and he has one of the best looking physiques on the stage. Victor has had a hard time with life trying to beat him down and he hasn’t given up. His Baltimore win this year was the best look he has had in over 10 years. Don’t sleep on Victor in the hunt for the top 5!


JUSTIN COMPTON, DALLAS MCCARVER, STEVE KUCLO, JOSH LENARTOWICZ, NATHAN DEASHA – This is the young blood and up and comers in the sport. They aren’t just up and comers in the sense that they can’t beat the other guys mentioned in the lineup. These guys are all VERY DANGEROUS! I can see them as high as top 5 but I actually have them battling it out to make the top 10 this year. All of them have the potential to do it but we will see who shows up in shape and where the judges place them. This list is the guys who all have the potential to be future Mr. Olympia.



1.) Dexter Jackson

2.) Phil Heath

3.) Shawn Rhoden

4.) Cedric McMillan

5.) Kevin Levrone

2016 Mr. Olympia



The 212 Olympia is always an exciting part of the show to watch because these guys are just as crazy looking as the open class. I like to think of this division as the short category where the Open Mr. Olympia is the tall category. It would be cool to see the winner of the 212 Olympia go up against the Open winner for the title of Mr. Olympia. They did this in Arnold’s day and I think they should bring it back!


FLEX LEWIS – Flex is the reigning 212 Olympia Champion and I don’t think anybody will take the throne away from him this year! Flex has a very aesthetic shape with a ton of muscle. He doesn’t look blocky like a lot of the other competitors. He won’t be out conditioned or out massed and with his aesthetics he is the favorite to take home another win!


JOSE RAYMOND – Jose Raymond is first in line to threaten Flex for the title. He carries an absurd amount of muscle but lacks the pretty lines that Flex has. Jose also comes in great condition and hits some crazy shots like a front double bicep with a vacuum pose that looks nuts! He should be in the first callout with Flex this year without a doubt!


HIDETADA YAMIGISHI – Hide made the decision to come down from the open class to the 212 a couple years ago and it was a great decision. He likely would have never had the mass to compete for the title on the open stage. Hide edged out Jose Raymond for an Arnold Classic win earlier this year that makes him a shoe in as a threat to Flex and will definitely be in the first callout!


DAVID HENRY – David has won this title back when it was the 202lb division. He is the only competitor other than Flex Lewis to have done so, and he beat Flex back then! David has one of, if not the most, insane upper bodies in the class. The question will always remain if he can bring his legs up to beat the other guys mentioned in this review.


AHMAD ASHKANANI – This dude is a rookie this year but he is absolutely nuts! He is one of the shorter competitors but he carries more muscle than possibly anybody. I really don’t know where he is going to land in the callouts but I think he is a definite threat to be top 5 or higher!


EDUARDO CORREA – Eduardo has pushed Flex for the title before. He isn’t as pretty as Flex, but much like Jose he carries a lot of crazy muscle and gets absolutely insanely conditioned! This dude will arguably be the most conditioned guy on the stage the whole weekend! That conditioning with crazy mass should land him in the first callout!


GAETINO CISTERNINO – I’ve been a fan of Guy since he was competing with his pro card and making some videos with Evan Centopani almost 10 years ago. Guy is one of the hardest working bodybuilders in the sport and he has built a physique worth of the top of this class. He has carved out his place on that stage and is going to be hungry and in the mix!



1.) Flex Lewis

2.) Jose Raymond

3.) Hidetada Yamigishi

4.) Eduardo Correa

5.) David Henry


As I mentioned, I think that Flex will take this class and is the much deserved heavy favorite. I think it will be a fight for 2nd place. Here are 7 guys that could all easily place anywhere from 2-7th which makes this class another exciting one to watch!!!


Mr. Olympia

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