10 Ways to Get Ripped Faster and Reveal Shredded Abs

10 Ways to Get Ripped Faster and Reveal Shredded Abs

Since the summer is coming really fast these days guys are now doing everything in their power to lose that unwanted body fat and get shredded abs.

By using the 20 tips to get ripped faster and reveal shredded abs you will definitely have an advantage on those who don’t know about these tricks.

So use these tips smartly and you will be the most ripped guy on the beach this summer!

So let’s get this started here are 20 ways to get ripped faster!

Implement High Intensity Interval Training

Simply put, High Intensity Interval Training gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to cardio.

Numerous studies have shown that HIIT will burn the highest amount of calories while making sure to preserve muscle mass.

Sprints are a great example of this type of training – after all, look at the physique of professional sprinters compared with marathon runners.

get ripped faster and reveal shredded abs

Perform Resistance Training

So many people seem to think that they are better off doing more cardio and less resistance training in order to burn fat.

The truth is that not doing any resistance training will make you burn just as much muscle as fat and leave you with a mediocre physique.

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Building muscle will also boost your metabolism which means more calories burned while you are resting.

Start Playing a Sport

Sports are a great way to get your cardio in while still having a fun time.

Let’s be honest, a lot of us aren’t too thrilled at the prospect of running on a treadmill for half an hour, but playing pick-up basketball might be more appealing.

Many sports include a lot of stop-and-go movements along with jumping which means they are more in line with HIIT training, which is great for burning calories.


Believe it or not, being stressed out can contribute to a number of health problems including abdominal fat.

If you are finding yourself stressed out with work, family or other issues make sure you take some time to kick back, relax, and decompress.

Yoga is a great way to do this or if your budget allows it take a vacation and unplug from work for a bit.

Stop Trying to Target Abdominal Fat

Doing 1,000 crunches a day will not make you lose abdominal fat any faster.

Instead, spend that time doing full-body resistance training and HIIT for cardio. Over time you will lose fat everywhere, including those stubborn areas like the chest and stomach.

10 Ways to Get Ripped Faster and Reveal Shredded Abs

Track your Progress

In addition to tracking your calories consumed, weight and measurements, you should also take photos of yourself!

It’s hard to notice progress when you are looking at yourself every day in the mirror however if you are able to look at yourself today and compare it to a picture of yourself from three months ago you are probably going to be very pleased with the results which will help you stay motivated on your journey to get ripped faster.

Cook Your Own Meals

Aside from being better-quality ingredients and healthier, cooking your own meals means you can easily track your macros and make sure you are consuming the exact amount of protein, carbs and fats that you need.

Change Up Your Routine

Instead of performing the same exercises for the same amount of sets/reps followed by the usual cardio, try mixing it up.

Perform different exercises, change the time of day or play with the rep range.

A great way to mix things up is to work out with a partner with similar goals.

They may have some different training style you can learn from and they will push you to get out of your usual routine and try something different, that should help you get ripped faster.

Include a fat burner

By using a high quality fat burning supplement in your cut will make you lose fat faster.

The ingredients in a fat burning supplement are designed to give you these benefits:

  • You will have a higher metabolic rate, burn more calories throughout the day.
  • Suppress hunger cravings, you will be less tempted to eat junk foods and candy
  • You will increase your energy levels, you will have higher energy levels throughout the day.
  • Eliminate water retention, you will hold less water and look more cut.

If you have had trouble losing fat in the past try using a fat burning formula and see if it can help you lose that unwanted body fat.

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Change Up your Macros

Chances are if you are on a typical North-American diet you are eating way too many carbohydrates and not enough healthy fats or protein.

Try cutting back on the number of carbs you consume and up the protein. Aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of weight.

Additionally, split up your food into 5-6 meals throughout the day as this will keep you feeling full and energized.

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