20 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Production Naturally

20 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Production Naturally

Testosterone is THE male hormone.

It’s produced naturally in the body and is responsible for all kinds of great things like building muscle, libido, strength and energy. People who have high testosterone levels tend to be ambitious, risk-taking, have high sex drives and generally live more exciting lives.

They also tend to build a lot more muscle mass and keep that annoying stomach fat off.

In what is perhaps a cruel joke by mother nature, as we age our testosterone levels tend to decline. Given that men make certain lifestyle choices as they age that are bad for t-levels it only amplifies the process.

Often what’s left is a non-assertive, conservative, boring man. Chances are this isn’t exactly the type of life you are looking for.

So what can we do to boost your testosterone levels? Fortunately for you we have put together a list of 20 tips to bring your levels up naturally.

20 Simple Ways to Boost your testosterone production

tips to boost testosterone

1 – Reduce your Stress Levels

Look we get it, sometimes stressful situations come up and there isn’t much we can do about it.

However, if you life is filled with constant, round-the-clock sources of stress you need to look at making some changes as soon as possible. You see, stress is an absolute testosterone killer.

It causes your body to release another hormone called cortisol. It causes your body to break down muscle tissue and store fat – particularly our least favorite kind, stomach fat!

If you are serious about building a great physique you need to get your stress levels under control. Consider switching jobs if your current employer is stressing you out, or move to a new living situation if you are experiencing drama with your roommates.

Sporadic, unexpected stressful events are OK but constant sources of stress are not.

2 – Do the Right Exercises

When you go to the gym do you do 12 different variations of curls?

While lifting any kind of weights is good for testosterone levels, performing multi-joint compound exercises will give you the best bang for your buck. Deadlifts, squats, rows and bench press all cause your body to release much more testosterone, not to mention they will help you build a much more impressive physique than curls ever will.

Stick to free-weight exercises instead of machines as they tend to release more testosterone given they recruit more supporting muscles.

3 – Lift Heavy

To continue on that last point, you want to make sure you are lifting heavy.

By performing compound exercises you should be able to move some very heavy weight which in turn will get your body releasing all kinds of testosterone. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bench press 300 pounds.

Maybe lifting 135 pound at this point is enough to challenge your body to grow.

Stick to a solid plan and you’ll be pushing 300 in no time.

4 – Get Plenty of Sleep

how to boost your test levels fast

It might not seem like much, but getting enough sleep is absolutely crucial to keeping your testosterone levels high.

You see, it’s when you are sleeping that your body releases the most testosterone and repairs the muscles. Therefore if you aren’t getting enough sleep your body isn’t going to have enough time to do what it needs to do.

Not to mention you will feel tired the next day and likely won’t perform well in the gym. Studies show that people who sleep longer have higher testosterone levels than those who stick to 5-6 hours per night.

Make getting to sleep early a priority and watch your t-levels soar.

5 – Avoid Low Fat Foods

Saturated fat along with all other types of dietary fats are a huge contributor to testosterone production.

For some reason people got it in their heads that fat was bad for you and so they replaced it in foods with sugar. This actually makes the food much worse for you in a number of ways, one of which is the reduced testosterone production you get as a result.

Avoid trans fats, but foods like avocado, grass-fed beef and nuts are great sources of healthy fats.

6 – Keep Body Fat Down

Storing extra fat around your midsection will result in the result of estrogen.

This hormone basically works against testosterone and has an opposite effect on the body. Therefore if you are carrying a lot of bodyfat you are going to struggle with testosterone production – meaning you will have reduced sex drive, less motivation and less muscle mass.

7 – Eat Full Eggs

One of the best sources of healthy fats out there are egg yolks.

The cholesterol contained in whole eggs are great testosterone boosters. You see, testosterone is actually formed from cholesterol – therefore if you are listening to the media and avoiding foods with saturated fat and cholesterol chances are your t-levels have taken a hit.

8 – Consume a Testosterone-Boosting Supplement

If you’re one of the few that are willing to go the extra mile then check out our guide to testosterone boosting supplements. You can read it here.

Testosterone boosters have gotten a bad rep over the years.

Simply because some companies have been putting ineffective fillers in their supplements and marketing them as “legal steroids”.

And let me keep it real with you. Natural testosterone boosters ARE NOT as effective as steroids.

However, since they are not steroids then they also won’t come with the same nasty side-effects that come with steroids. Such as baldness and disgusting acne.

Nope, testosterone boosters are simply a great, safe and natural way to boost your testosterone levels to their NATURAL max so that you can enjoy all the great benefits that come with having high t-levels, such as building muscle faster.

We spent months researching and testing which ingredients ACTUALLY work. Since we spent so much time putting it together, we’re thinking whether we should charge guys a small fee for reading it, simply because it will save you hundreds of dollars anyway. And the big companies have even asked us why we aren’t charging for it.

But at least for now you can read it for free: Read our report on testosterone boosters here.

By supplementing with a testosterone booster that contains proven ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, vitamin- d, oyster extract, ginseng and some others you will increase the natural testosterone production in your body.

Make sure it contains these ingredients otherwise you are just throwing your money away.

9 – Stop Eating Sugar

This one is an absolute killer! It’s actually one of the worst foods to consume for your overall health but also for your testosterone. It will cause you to store more fat and it will lead to lower t-levels.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this stuff as much as possible.

10 – Stop Smoking

If you are still smoking you must have been living under a rock for the last two decades or you are just very stubborn. It’s terrible for your overall health, not to mention it makes building and maintaining muscle mass far more difficult.

11 – Give Yourself Some Rest

Yes going to the gym and lifting heavy weights is good for your testosterone levels, but only up to a certain point. You need to make sure you are giving yourself rest days to recover from your workouts and rebuild muscle tissue.

Going to the gym every day will result in overtraining your muscles – that means lower testosterone levels, a breakdown of muscle tissue and a lack of progress.

12 – Put Some Nuts in your Mouth

use peanuts to boost your testosterone levels

You know, almonds, pecans, peanuts… what did you think we were talking about?

These are loaded with healthy fats that will have your testosterone levels surging.

They are also very calorie dense so they make it easy to hit your calorie surplus targets. Many of them are also available in spread form – just make sure they are natural and contain no extra sugars or trans fats.

13 – Say No to Alcohol

If you are a none-drinker than this one will be easy for you. However, cutting out drinking is difficult for those of us who spend a lot of time socializing or are pressured to do so by friends or colleagues.

It’s ok to drink a bit but make sure you avoid consuming too much. Beer in particular contains hops which causes estrogen to form in the body. We know what that does to our t-levels!

14 – Avoid Soy Products

Make sure you don’t buy any soy-based protein products. In fact, just avoid soy altogether. It has been shown to cause estrogen to be produced in the body which will not help you boost those testosterone levels.

15 – Eat Some Steak

Here’s one we can all get behind! Despite what you may have heard about lean cuts of meat, consuming steak is actually fine. It contains lots of healthy fats that will help boost your t-levels.

Just try to eat grass fed beef as it tends to contain less hormones which means less harmful effect on your body.

16 – Check your Thyroid

As you get older, our thyroids may not work as well as they used to.

If this is the case it could impact just how much testosterone your body produces. If you do suffer from this condition it’s a relatively easy fix with the help of some medication – so if you think you might be suffering from a thyroid condition go get it checked out.

17 – Consume Lots of Oysters

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 16.39.22

Oysters are loaded with Zinc which is an important nutrient when it comes to testosterone production.

You can actually lose Zinc when you sweat so if you are working out a lot you might have lower levels than you think. While Oysters are the best source of Zinc, supplements, nuts, spinach and avocados also are good sources.

18 – Workout With a Friend

Working out with a buddy will force you to give it your all. He will keep you accountable and force you to push yourself every day. You are far more likely to hit new PRs when you have someone watching, after all.

It’s likely a result of the male ego – wanting to show off – but if it helps testosterone levels we’ll take it.

19 – Eat Carbs at the Right Time

Learn how to turn carbs into muscle by reading our guide here.

Carbohydrates can work against you or for you depending on when you consume them. You should try and time your carb intake for before and after your workout as this is when they will have the most anabolic effect.

You will also notice you are able to perform better in the gym. Given that your workout is one of the best times to boost testosterone levels it’s in your best interest to get a quality workout. However, for the rest of your meals try keeping carb intake down.

Instead stick to fats at these time as these foods will continue to give you that anabolic effect.

Learn more by reading our guide to turn carbs into muscle.

20 – Get Plenty of Vitamin D

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D. Unless you live in Miami and regularly spend time outside without sunscreen you probably aren’t getting enough of this crucial vitamin. Fortunately Vitamin D supplements are relatively cheap and easy to find.

Taking them will boost your testosterone production, make your bones stronger and provide you with a variety of other health benefits.

Here’s what you can do right now

If you are someone who thinks they might have low testosterone levels at least one of these suggestions must have resonated with you.

Remember that doing just one of these won’t cause your testosterone levels to skyrocket however doing all or most of them certainly will. Finally remember it takes time to bring your levels up – even if you make all these changes don’t expect your t-levels to double overnight.

Having said that if you stick to these tips don’t be surprised if your gym performance improves and you start burning more fat and gaining more muscle.

Many guys are waking up nowadays realising just how effective some natural testosterone boosters can be.

You just have to make sure that you spend money on a product that contains the right premium ingredients. You can read our special report on t-boosters here.

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