18 Best Tips To Burn Body Fat For Good and Reveal Abs

18 Best Tips To Burn Body Fat For Good and Reveal Abs

Losing body fat is actually quite simple – you don’t need a PhD in broscience to figure it out, it just takes a lot of discipline. Unfortunately, that’s where people mess up.

Losing fat isn’t something that’s done overnight – it takes months or even years of focus and dedication. Chances are if you are reading this article you are new to fat loss or you are trying to figure out why your diet isn’t working.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a nice collection of our 18 best tips to burn body fat and help get things going. Follow these consistently and you will be well on your way to looking leaner and healthier.

Best Tips To Burn Body Fat FOR GOOD!

best tips to burn body fat

1 – Make Permanent Changes

A lot of people go on diets, cuts, programs or whatever you want to call it.

The truth is that none of these methods work over the long run because once you are done with your program you go right back to your previous lifestyle which included little exercise, poor diet and zero discipline. Make changes gradually so that you get used to your new foods and training.

You will be able to maintain the lifestyle more easily and your results will stay with you for good.

2 – Drink lots of Water

Most people are actually getting nowhere near as much water as they need. Not to mention they don’t compensate for soft drinks and coffee which actually dehydrates your body.

Yes we know it’s annoying to have to get up every couple of hours to take a piss but if that’s the price to pay for better overall health and improved fat loss results then we don’t mind doing it. Often you will feel hungry when in fact your body is trying to tell you it is thirsty.

Drinking water will help you feel more full which in turn means you will eat less, helping you with the next point.

3 – Burn more calories than you eat

Perhaps one of the most obvious advice in our best tips to burn body fat list…… So make sure you figure out your metabolic rate – the amount of calories your body burns throughout the day.

It’s hard to get an exact amount and it can fluctuate depending on your diet, rest, exercise and other factors but there are a number of calculators online that should be able to get you started. Combine this figure with any cardio exercise you perform.

At the end of the day, the number of calories you consume needs to be less than the calories you burn otherwise you simply won’t lose weight.

If your weight isn’t decreasing week after week you’ll want to look at adding more cardio or eating less food. This will make sure that you’ll burn body fat and reveal those abs soon enough.

4 – Watch out for Starchy Carbs

Many people tend to overload on starchy carbs like potatoes, pastas and breads. This overloads your glycogen stores and causes your body to gain fat.

Instead, limit to fewer servings and replace the rest with proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables.

5 – Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast broken down means “Break fast” – you’ve been starving all night so it’s time to eat!

Eating a tiny breakfast or skipping it entirely will give you less energy throughout the day not to mention you will be more likely to binge eat at lunchtime.

A solid combination of protein and carbs will give you the boost you need to get your day going.

6 – Cut down on Sugar!

Unfortunately the food industry has moved towards these “low fat” foods which make up for the bland taste by adding extra sugar.

The truth is that fat is actually much better for you than sugar and these “low fat” foods are actually more likely to MAKE YOU FAT!

Sugary soda drinks and fruit juices are also terrible for you as they contain a ton of sugar which shoots your insulin levels up and makes you more likely to put on fat.

7 – Rotate Carbs

Rather than eating the same amount of carbs every day try rotating it – like 3-5 days of low carbs then 2-4 days of high carbs. This has different results for everyone but many people out there report that it helps with their fat loss.

8 – Make Coffee your new pre-workout supplement

Coffee is a stimulant that helps wake you up and improves alertness.

It will help you work out harder and give you energy to get through all your sets. Additionally, studies have shown that caffeine makes your body use fat cells for fuel rather than glucose. As a result, you will be able to burn more fat in an otherwise similar workout.

However, make sure you don’t drink tons of coffee throughout the day as this will desensitize your body to the positive effects.

9 – Don’t cut Calories too Drastically!

If you cut calories too drastically you will find yourself losing more muscle than fat. Remember our first tip, this isn’t a crash diet, it’s a lifestyle change so reduce calories slowly and don’t go into too much of a deficit.

If you do you will only be setting yourself up for more work down the road.

10 – Eat many small meals each day

Eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of the traditional 3 is important for a number of reasons.

First of all it will make you feel more full throughout the day which will help you restrict your calories. Secondly, constantly eating will keep your metabolism higher as your body is constantly working to break down the food.

Finally, you can avoid the possibility of eating too many carbs in one sitting, overloading your glycogen stores and storing extra fat.

11 – Take a Fat Burning Supplement <—

This can be one of the best investments you ever make…… If done right.

Fat burning supplements, when designed right, should help stop cravings, give you energy boost during your diet and eliminate trouble fat spots quicker.

Beware of companies that use fillers and out of date ingredients. You can see our complete fat burner guide here.

12 – Add creatine to your supplement stack

Creatine is a supplement traditionally used to gain muscle but it can also help you lose fat. The muscle you add when using creatine boosts your metabolic rate – after all, muscle burns more calories than fat.

This is helpful given that fat loss diets are usually associated with lower BMR and muscle loss.

13 – Eat more Vegetables

One of the biggest benefits of vegetables is just how nutrient dense they are – meaning you can eat tons of them without having to consume a lot of calories. Given that we are restricting calories when trying to lose fat

it’s not hard to see how this can be helpful. Next time you go out to a restaurant order vegetables on the side instead of french fries to get far more nutrients at only a fraction of the calories.

14 – Eat around 30 grams of fiber per day

Fiber has a number of benefits including fighting off hunger by taking up space in your stomach and absorbing water.

15 – No More Junk Food!

This one should be obvious and is one of our best tips to burn body fat, but it never ceases to amaze us how people out there seem to think they can get shredded while still eating junk food and fast food regularly.

Look, we’re fine with cheat meals, we have them ourselves, but if you are eating this stuff several times a week you are simply killing your chances of getting to single digit body fat.

This ties in with the first point of making lifestyle changes – what do you want more, a great body or McDonalds? Chances are the former, so it’s time to start giving that stuff up.

You’ll notice that as you start eating healthier foods and make more progress at the gym you will miss your Quarter Pounder with Cheese less and less.

16 – Get the right amount of Protein

Make sure you aren’t getting too little or too much protein. Too little and you will find yourself hungry throughout the day and losing muscle mass as you diet down.

Too much and you will be overstuffed and probably constipated if you aren’t also taking in enough vegetables. keep it to 1-1.5 grams per pounds of bodyweight and you should be just fine on your journey to burn body fat for good.

17 – Eat Healthy Fats

Fats are harder for your body to break down in your stomach meaning your metabolic rate gets a super boost. Additionally they help regulate blood sugar levels which means you won’t crave food nearly as much.

Foods that are high in healthy fats include avocado, fish, almonds and olive oil.

18 – Only Eat Cheat Meals you Enjoy

When you have your cheat meal, make it worthwhile! Don’t have an unhealthy meal you only somewhat enjoy otherwise you’ll still have cravings. If you are satisfied you are less likely to have more cravings right away.

There you have, these are our best tips to burn body fat to reveal those shredded abs you’ve always wanted! Make sure you eat only healthy foods, train hard and get your supplement game right.


If you’re serious about burning body fat for good to reveal your abs then you’re going to have take all these tips seriously.

Make sure you cut on calories, eat your veggies, no more junk food and supplement with high quality supplements. See our FREE report here on how fat burners can work for you.

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