BEWARE: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Cellucor

BEWARE: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Cellucor

[UPDATE: Cellucor has gotten in touch with BroScience and they’ve informed us that the case was dismissed. Good news, that means I’m double scooping C4 tonight. Read their official statement here]

According to sources on a federal class action lawsuit has been filed against Cellucor, the makers of our favorite pre-workout; C4.

Cellucor (aka Woodbolt Distribution) has been named in a class action lawsuit for selling amino nitrates in a variety of products (like their incredibly popular C4 series). The only difference between this lawsuit and the MusclePharm one, is that now it’s obvious that this is the start of something big – i.e. it seems highly probable that we will see class action lawsuits against everyone selling amino nitrates.

Read it and weep:



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1 thought on “BEWARE: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Cellucor”

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    Yes, so reading the lawsuit this basically is just asking the makers of these products to seek FDA approval (quite rightly).
    If they fail, it means we’ve been juicing something bad all this time…. Not a bad thing at all!
    Definitely beware taking these products until such a time as they are FDA approved…

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