16 Reasons Why You Need To Be Dating A Fitness Chick

16 Reasons Why You Need To Be Dating A Fitness Chick

1. Surprising her wont be to hard. Just bring her to the gym. Done. Mission Accomplished.

That certainly will make things A LOT easier.

2. Her willingness to lift with you will drive you to your limits every time you hit the bench. Nothing beats showing your girl your PR.

3. She’s doesn’t give a Flip what people think about her.

4. Sharing large quantities of food around you is nothing she’s going to shy away from.

5. Normal girls aren’t on her level.

Nothing beats a girl that lifts.

6. Being self-confident goes to her benefit, and she knows it.

7. When its time to cut, she has no problem cutting excessive fat and getting toned up for whats to come.

8. True commitment comes from making sacrifices. Chicks who lift make a sacrifice to put the time and effort into looking good and thus proving to everyone around that she is disciplined and can stand up for what she wants.

So true!

9. She takes everything to the next level, including her work outs. These are the girls who stand out amongst the crowd.

10. She knows what she wants and she takes it. When the going gets tough, she can stand on her own 2 feet and figure out the problem at hand with no ones help.

11. Other woman find her friendly, and she is – most of the time. But she’s always up for a little “friendly” competition.

13. If there’s something she doesn’t like or agree with, Expect to hear about it.

14. “I’m Fine” for her means that its time to move onto the next subject and drop whatever your talking about. So stop the pestering boys.

15. Being down has no place in her life. Get ready for a pick me up if you dont hit your PR that day and move onto the next workout. She’s got skills that kill in that department, so we assure you, self-pity isn’t going to be allowed here.

16. And as any man can tell you, nothing beats having a GF that will push you to your limits with every inch of her being. Every inch counts guys, keep pushing it!

h/t doyoueven

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