15 Year Old Bodybuilder Admits Using Steroids and Is Huge As Fu%k

15 Year Old Bodybuilder Admits Using Steroids and Is Huge As Fu%k

So this 15 year old guy who calls himself bignattydaddy on instagram has supposedly admitted using steroids.

This guy is definitely taking bodybuilding all the way and he looks HUGE considering the fact that he is only 15 years old.

How will this guy look in 10 years?

It’s definitely a controversial thing using steroids at this age but this guy is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to be big.

Gotta give him credit for having an impressive physique but taking steroids at this age cannot be healthy for the body, so watch out guys.

Always talk to your doctor before you try anything like this to make sure you are not putting you health at risk

Here are some pic’s of this young beast who could be the a future Mr Olympia, who knows?

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.42.13

Lui Marco shares his thought about this guy:

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