Here is what a 15 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like

Here is what a 15 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like

Even the biggest of men started out as a skinny person.

If you require evidence of this statement, there are some great before and after photos of one of the world’s best known and most successful bodybuilders.

You would have thought that Arnold has been in great shape since he left his mother’s womb as a baby.  It was when he was 14 years old that he started lifting weights instead of playing soccer in his homeland of Austria.

By the time he was 15 years old, he was already massive.


While most 16 year olds have skinny arms and are barely 10 stone dripping wet, Arnold was packing some serious muscle.


He joined the Austrian Army at the age of 18 to complete his national service, but this didn’t stop him from lifting weights.

This is when he managed to capture his first bodybuilding competition at the Junior Mr. Europe title. He went missing from the barracks in order to compete and was sent to jail for a week as a result.

It was only 12 months later that he won the real Mr. Europe crown in 1966.


It was thereafter that he emigrated to England and trained there to build the physique that would allow him to capture the Mr Universe title in 1967, the youngest person to do so, as he was only 20 years old.

After winning it again the following year, he took his talent o the United States where he would capture the Mr. Olympia title a total of 7 times and became one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

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    yeah no I am gonna have to disagree with that. There is no possible way he could have arms like that at the age of 15. It would have been only a year into training and to develop such a thick arm would be impossible. Even his chest is way to thick to be a year into training. I don’t care how hard you work or how much food you eat there is no possible way he could be 15 there I would say more like 17

    1. Avatar

      Dear isaiah
      He used to train for 3-5 hours a day so it is possible I train 1hr Every day I’m 15 and I pack serious muscle I’m bigger than everyone in my grade

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