12-Types Of People Who Train In The Gym

12-Types Of People Who Train In The Gym

If you have been training for some time in the gym, you can identify the types of people that work out in the gym.

There are a variety of different people with different goals in the gym.

Some train for a bodybuilding competition while others are obese and trying to be more healthy.

In this post, we will go over the 12 types of people you see in most gyms.

Fat powerlifter

There is a fat powerlifter in every gym that some muscle size, is strong but always has a gut.

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These guys do not care about six-pack abs and are usually older than 30.

They are the real veterans of the gym; in their younger days, the fat powerlifter might have been ripped, but now it’s all about that strength.

The fat powerlifters strive to lift heavy weights and are usually the strongest guys in every gym.

However, there is an expectation to this rule because sometimes the fat powerlifters aren’t that strong.

Some of them use powerlifting as an excuse to be a fatso, while they don’t have the strength to back it up.

I look the same every year

You have probably seen a person in the gym that looks the same every year.

Despite training regularly for years, these people don’t change.

Usually, it’s due to a lack of knowledge and intensity while training.

They don’t train hard, and their diet isn’t that good.

Which makes them maintain their average physique year after year.

Forever fat guy

Some people have a tough time losing weight.

In many gyms, a fat guy trains with intensity, but his biggest downfall is the diet.

You see, some people believe that training is enough to lose weight, while the diet is the more important part.

The forever fat guy trains every week and is a dedicated gym member, he might have decent cardiovascular endurance and be in ok shape, but he can’t lose the fat because of his inconsistent diet.

Random circuit training Crossfiter

Some people believe they have to superset four different exercises to get results.

Then there are CrossFiters training in a commercial gym doing some circuit training.

What these people do is use half of the gym equipment for their circuit training.

Typical busy gyms aren’t the right spot for circuit training because most of the equipment is being used or waited to be used.

They don’t care and do their crazy workout anyways, even though they might use half of the gym equipment to get their training done.

Cardio & Abs

There are always people in the gym that are there to get six-pack abs.

The best way to achieve that for these people is by doing a lot of cardio and ab training in the gym.

Their entire workouts consist only of a lot of cardio and many different ab exercises.

The bodybuilder

In most gyms, some guys stand out due to their muscular frame and intense work ethic in the gym.

This is the bodybuilder; he knows exactly what he is doing in the gym, has a good diet, and looks the part.

Some competitive bodybuilders train in the gym; while many don’t compete but still train like a bodybuilder.

The influencer

These people go into the gym filming their workouts; they usually have a useless variation of some exercises to give their fans new content.

The influencer is always in new clothes and focuses more on their appearance than actually training hard.

We’ve all seen the influencers doing random exercises to give their followers some secret training methods that aren’t that good.

The influencer is good-looking and cares more about likes on social media than actually working hard in the gym.

I’m just here to look hot

Some girls are genetically gifted with great bodies and don’t have to work hard to achieve that.

I’m just here to look hot type isn’t in the gym to train just hard.

They are there to show off their physique, usually wearing tight yoga pants and sports bras.

They take many gym selfies during each workout.

I’m not here to workout, I’m here to socialize

Some people sign up for the gym to socialize with others.

When they show up to the gym, They take light cardio while chatting with others, then go up to the weight room and do a half-assed random workout while talking for 5 minutes in between sets.

After their workout, they still feel like they did a lot of work in the gym.

These people rarely see any results from the gym.

The Fit Guy

The fit guy isn’t just in the gym to build muscle and strength.

He is in great shape, does everything from cardio to weightlifting.

The fit guys train with intensity care about their health and have a good diet.

Sometimes these are former athletes who know exactly what to do to keep the body in great shape.

They could run a marathon if they wanted to and are probably the healthiest people in every gym.

The ego lifter

No matter what day it is it’s always a heavy day with the ego lifter.

They will put a heavy load on the bar in the squat and do quarter reps, then they proceed to do the leg press and do exactly the same thing.

On an arm day, you will see the ego lifters swinging the dumbbells in their attempt to do a bicep curl.

Of course, they will do as heavy as possible every single time.

These people aren’t in the gym to train their muscles, they are there to satisfy their ego.

The Guy Who Trains in Jeans

Some people don’t even bother to show up in gym clothes to the gym.

In fact, some people just work out in the regular clothes they wear to the store.

You could argue that the clothes don’t matter but if you are wearing jeans in the squat it will definitely hinder your range of motion.

It’s just uncomfortable, but some people don’t spend their money on workout clothing.

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