11 Ways to Boost your Progress in the Gym!

11 Ways to Boost your Progress in the Gym!

We all want to boost our progress in the gym, there are countless ways on how you can go about it.

Here are 11 solid ways on how you can boost your progress in the gym.

1. Improve your nutrition

You’ve probably heard that diet is the most important part of any bodybuilding regiment – well guess what, it is!

Even if you burned 300 calories in the gym after a tough gym session, that bowl of ice-cream you ate this afternoon contained over 350 calories – so there goes your hard work.

Following a disciplined diet is tough, which is why we recommend tracking your daily calorie consumption, as well as the protein, carbohydrate and fat consumption, to make sure you are hitting your macro goals.

There are a number of great programs out there to help you do this.

ways to boost progress in gym

2. Increase the Intensity of your Workout

If you are taking 10 minute breaks in between sets, you aren’t getting the most effective workout.

Try reducing the amount of time between sets and implement some supersets, lifting to failure or even circuits.

Make sure you give yourself adequate time to recover between exercises of course!

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However, if you are chatting with friends or making phone calls between lifts you are definitely not bringing your full focus to the gym.

3. Do Resistance Training

Some people seem to think they can boost their fat-loss progress by skipping the resistance training and focusing only on cardio.

This is completely false and in fact will SLOW DOWN fat loss! Resistance training will help build muscle which elevates your metabolism and helps burn more body fat.

Additionally, it boosts your testosterone levels which will help you stay leaner.

Finally, lifting weights will insure that you are actually burning fat rather than muscle. Burning muscle will actually make your physique worse.

4. Perform more Effective Exercises

Doing hours upon hours of isolation exercises is not the most effective use of your gym time.

Instead, focus on compound exercises that hit a lot of different muscles.

Start with deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, dips, bench press, overhead press and lunges.

These exercises will allow you to move more weight and improve your results – regardless if you are looking to build muscle or burn fat.

11 Ways to Boost your Progress in the Gym!

5. Lift Heavy

Over time, your lifts should be increasing, not remaining static (or worse, decreasing). Progressive overload is one of the cornerstones of a successful bulk.

No need to overdo it – slow, steady increases is the most sustainable way to go.

6. Get a Training Partner

Find someone who has similar goals to you and go to the gym together.

This will make you more accountable and less likely to slack-off, not to mention you have a spotter you can trust.

Make sure this isn’t someone you will be talking to the entire time, however. The focus should still be on working out, not socializing.

7. Add HIIT into your routine

High Intensity Interval Training will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to cardio.

(See our complete guide to HIIT here) Focus on doing 30 seconds of high intensity followed up by a few minutes of rest.

This type of cardio will take less of your time, burn more calories and prevent muscle loss a lot more effectively than conventional steady-state cardio.

8. Mix Up your Training Style

If you have been performing the same routine, for the same number of sets/reps for the past 2 years – chances are your body has adapted to these workouts and you are no longer getting the full benefits of them

. It’s important to mix up your routine not only to shock the muscles, but also to figure out what works best for your body!

Despite what anyone tells you, there is no single best way to train – it all depends on you.

11 Ways to Boost your Progress in the Gym!

9. Add a Finisher to the End of your Workout

No we are not talking about Mortal Kombat-style fatalities here.

Add a finisher to the end of your workout to elevate your metabolism so you continue to burn fat even after you leave the gym.

It’s the last exercise and after this you are home-free, so give it all you’ve got!

10. Turbocharge Your Testosterone Production

As all you probably know testosterone is the male hormone responsible for muscle growth.

If you have more muscles you will burn off more calories and get leaner.

Makes sense right?

If you are one of those guys who wants to build muscle and get leaner faster than ever you need to increase your natural testosterone production.

The most effective way to increase natural testosterone production is taking in a testosterone boosting supplement.

That will increase your natural testosterone production and you will build more muscle and get leaner.

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11. Train More Often

If you are only going to the gym 1-2 times per week that usually isn’t enough.

Try boosting it to 3-5 times for better overall results.

Also, going to the gym more often will make you less likely to slip on your diet as you don’t want to waste that valuable progress you’ve made.

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