11 Tips for Hardgainers to Add Muscle Fast

11 Tips for Hardgainers to Add Muscle Fast

11 Tips for Hardgainers to Add Muscle Fast

If you have been through sweat and tears trying to add muscles to your frame but it seems like it’s not working you might want to take a close look to these 11 tips for hardgainers to add muscle.

If you incorporate these tips and techniques into your diet and nutrition your gains will accelerate.

11 Tips for Hardgainers to Add Muscle

1. Eat dense foods

If you are trying to hit your daily calorie target by eating nothing but carrots and broccoli not only will you be unsuccessful – you will also feel stuffed all day.

While these foods are great to include in your diet they won’t help you hit the recommended 20 calories per pound of bodyweight that hard gainers usually need.

Fruits, vegetables and egg whites are all great foods but are not calorie dense enough. Look to add more foods like whole eggs, raw oatmeal and steak as these foods contain a lot more calories.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Recovery and growth happens when we are resting, so getting plenty of sleep is crucial.

Hardgainers specifically don’t usually have the recovery ability of other lifters so it is even more important that you don’t skip out on this crucial step.

7-9 hours of sleep is ideal but it varies from person to person. Sleeping also helps your testosterone production which is the most important factor when it comes down to building muscle.

3. Consume liquid calories

Generally speaking, liquid calories are not nearly as filling as those coming from solid foods.

As a result, you can consume a lot more of these before feeling full. Throw a couple shakes into your diet and fill them with calorie-dense foods like flaxseed, natural nut butters,

raw oats and Greek yogurt. These are easy to prepare to consume latter in the day when preparing a full meal might be difficult.

4. Skip the Isolation Exercises

Focusing too much on isolation exercises is one of the biggest mistakes hardgainers make in the gym.

While they may be better than not working out at all, they won’t give you anywhere near the type of development that the big compound exercises will give you. Stick to lower volume, higher weight on exercises like the bench press, shoulder press as these will give you the most bang for your buck.

Remember – as a hard gainer you don’t need to build mass on your arms, you need to build mass everywhere!

5. Use Cardio Strategically

Some people believe that hardgainers shouldn’t do cardio at all as the last thing they need is to burn extra calories.

Unfortunately this type of thinking will lead to poor overall health, particularly for your heart.

Doing two or three weekly cardio sessions for about 30 minutes has shown to have many benefits including: improved heart health, faster recovery time and improved nutrient delivery around the body.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it as too much cardio can impact your bodybuilding goals.

6. Lift heavy

You are going to want to be sticking to the big compound exercises and lifting heavy weight. As a result, you shouldn’t be doing 15+ reps and if you are you need to be increasing the weight. 6 to 10 reps is ideal here.

7. Increase your rest time

Don’t rush into your next set when you are doing heavy compound lifts.

These exercises are very taxing on the body and demand more rest between sets than bicep curls.

Give yourself a good 2-3 minutes to get your strength back up so you can hit the next set hard. If you are experiencing a large drop-off in strength after each set than you definitely aren’t giving yourself enough time to recover.

8. Keep your testosterone levels high

Did you know that testosterone is the most important factor when it comes down to building muscle?

That’s why you should do everything in your power to keep your natural testosterone production as high as you possibly can.

Having a high natural testosterone production will allow you to:

  • You will build more muscle and you will do it faster.
  • Your sex drive will increase
  • Your confidence levels will rise
  • Your body will be leaner
  • You will have higher energy levels

That’s why we recommend do everything you can to keep those levels as high as possible, you can do that by consuming saturated fats, sleeping more, lifting heavy weights and supplementing with ingredients scientifically proven to supercharge your natural testosterone production.

Supplementing with a proven testosterone boosting formula will allow your body to produce testosterone as it’s highest potential.

That’s why taking in a testosterone booster that contains all the right ingredients is one of the best way to turbocharge your testosterone production – See which testosterone boosting ingredients work in our report here.

Just make sure that it contains scientifically proven ingredients otherwise you could be throwing your money away by buying an ineffective supplement.


We have made a completely free report on the best testosterone boosting ingredients that work, you can access it here.

9. Eat Good Fats

Healthy fats are one of your best weapons as a hardgainer. They have a ton of benefits for those looking to build muscle and they are very calorie dense – 9 calories per gram compared with 4 for carbohydrates.

10. Eat Good Carbs

Post-workout is when your body needs carbs the most. Stick to simple carbs after working out as these are the quickest to digest. If you are not eating after your workouts you will notice an immediate impact after this change – faster recovery and larger, fuller muscles.

11. Stay Disciplined and Follow A Program

Nobody said this would be easy – even people who aren’t necessarily hardgainers have a hard time putting on mass. Plateaus will happen just remember to monitor your diet and training routine and make appropriate changes when necessary.

Make sure you are following a program that works. To see which program that works for you take our 30 second survey here.


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