11 Reasons Why Those Who Lift Weights Are More Alpha Males Than Non-Lifters

11 Reasons Why Those Who Lift Weights Are More Alpha Males Than Non-Lifters

Chances are if you come to broscience often you already lift.

However, you might be getting a hard time from your family, friends or girlfriend about spending so much time in the gym and so much money on supplements.

This article is for you – here are 11 reasons you should start (or continue) to bodybuild and be the ultimate alpha male.

If people keep questioning you simply link them to this article and save yourself the explanation.


1 – It Builds Muscle

This one should be obvious but yes, lifting weights builds muscle.

This is important even if you don’t want to get huge – remember that muscle weighs more than fat so adding a few pounds won’t make you look stocky.

However, muscle will improve your appearance.

It makes you look tighter and more fit and even helps you stay lean!

2 – It Builds your Metabolism

Every pound of muscle you have burns 60 calories per day.

Therefore, by adding 10 pounds of muscle to your frame you will burn an extra 600 calories per day without any extra work.

As you can see that will help you stay lean.

Lifting weights is also very taxing on the body – you have to work hard to repair the muscle tissue and guess what your body uses to fuel itself during that process?

That stubborn stomach fat you want to get rid of!

3 – It Reduces Likelihood of Injury

Lifting weights can help you stay healthy for a number of reasons.

First it builds stronger bones which reduces the risk of breaking them or getting fractures – particularly later in life.

It also strengthens the various ligaments and tendons in your body.

That means they can handle more resistance and reduces the likelihood of tears and other injuries that keep you sitting on the couch for months.

4 – It Doesn’t Take Long

Becoming great at most hobbies such as painting, piano or learning a new language takes endless hours of work.

You’ve probably heard the 10,000 hour mark floated around.

However, building a great body doesn’t take anywhere near as long.

All you need to do is get to the gym 3-4 times per week for 40 minutes each session.

Most of the work is done through your diet aka eating – which you already do.

So really all you need to do is adjust your diet and spend a few hours per week in the gym and you will see great improvements.

5 – It Improves your Mood

Do you ever get the blues? As it turns out, going to the gym releases endorphins that make you feel better.

In other words, you’ll notice an instant improvement in your mood.

6 – Feel Better about Yourself

Ever look in the mirror and feel terrible about the way you look?

It happens to a lot more people than you think. By working out you will improve your physique and feel better about yourself.

7 – Sleep Better

By lifting weights your body will need more sleep in order to rebuild the muscle tissue.

In other words, by going to the gym you will sleep a lot better.

8 – It Makes you Smarter

Typically people associate bodybuilding with being dumb however that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lifting weights gives your brain a nice boost – meaning you will perform better at school or at your job.

9 – Reduce Cancer Risk

Since bodybuilding reduces stress levels you will also avoid the side-effects that come with anxiety – cancer being the big one.

10 – It Helps you with Everyday Activities

Carrying groceries?

Moving furniture?

When you hit the gym you build the strength necessary to make these tasks a breeze!

11 – It Boosts your Testosterone Levels

The ultimate alpha male has obviously very high levels of natural testosterone.

Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to boost testosterone levels.

The result being more energy, less body fat and more muscle mass.

The most effective way to raise natural testosterone levels is taking in a testosterone booster.

See our complete guide on the best testosterone boosters on the market here.

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