Here are 11 facts about John Cena that the WWE wouldn’t want you to hear

Here are 11 facts about John Cena that the WWE wouldn’t want you to hear

For many years now, John Cena has been one of the leading lights in the WWE. He is beloved by his many fans all across the world. He has always helped those who are in the need the most, from sick children to army veterans. He is a very caring and down to earth man.

  1. He had a rap album that reached #15 in the charts


It may surprise you that there aren’t many hip hop fans that also enjoy wrestling, but Cena still managed to have his album reach #15 in the hip hop charts.

  1. He pooped himself


When he was in a match with Scott Steiner in the early noughties, Cena told his then girlfriend Nikki Bella that he had pooped his pants. Despite this, he continued on with the match.

  1. He got married to his high school girlfriend


Despite being very charismatic, good looking and in great shape, Cena decided to leave all of the supermodels behind and get married to his high school sweetheart.

  1. He has a degree in exercise physiology


You may think that Cena hasn’t much education, but he in fact has a degree in exercise physiology. Not very gangster.

  1. His 5 knuckle shuffle


Some of the original signature moves of Cena have been forgotten, but the 5 knuckle shuffle was a fan favourite.

  1. He is influenced by Vanilla Ice


From the beginnings, Cena’s character has always been heavily influenced by Vanilla Ice and even dressed up as a joke to demonstrate this.

  1. Kevin Federline beat him up


Back in the day, Federline was a big deal. As the backup dancer to Britney Spears, as well as the father to her children, he made an appearance at the WWE and beat Cena.

  1. Harrison Ford is his favourite actor

ford-1024x640 (1)

Cena has always been a massive fan of all Harrison Ford movies and aspires to act like the man himself.

  1. He has an anime obsession


Cena has long been a huge anime fan and his favourite movie is Fist of the North Star. While he hasn’t dressed up at Comic-Con yet, he is still a massive fan.

  1. He has finished careers


When there was a storyline involving the WWE vs Nexus, John Cena unfortunately had to take part and end the careers of these Nexus individuals.

  1. He slapped the butt of Stephanie McMahon


In a 2003 episode of Smackdown, Cena laid the smack down to McMahon. After doing this in front of the boss whose daughter he was slapping, Cena didn’t seem to be hindered by it at all as his career exploded. This was in the middle of her engagement with eventual husband Triple H.

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