11 Awesome Motivational Quotes from the Beast Mike Rashid!!

11 Awesome Motivational Quotes from the Beast Mike Rashid!!


Meet Mike Rashid… He is an absolute weapon and trains like a machine in the gym! He adopts a philosophy of hard work and no excuses! He’s an inspiration to many and preaches a “Live life to the fullest” attitude of which many of us strive for!


“You can do amazing things. … Don’t be afraid of that hard work. My workouts are tough. That’s what you want. You don’t want nothing easy. Easy ain’t going to get you nothing. You know, it may get you something. You may maintain and what not. Easy may work for some people, but I don’t want that. You know what I mean?”
– Mike Rashid

“You must do what you want, what you feel you should do.. Not what people think is best, do what feels right for you. Fuck the status quo. Fuck the norm. There are so many ‘experts’ and know it alls, that think they have it all figured out. But guess what? Life is way to dynamic. You’ll never have it figured out. Not fitness, not business, not relationships. Nothing.”
– Mike Rashid


“I dont care what your profession is. You will be more successful if you trained regularly, and ate well. You will have more energy, more confidence, look better, and people will treat you like the boss that you are or can be. A word to the wise is sufficient. Get off your asses.”
– Mike Rashid


“I’m not afraid of death. I actually have no desire to live 100 years. However, I want my time spent on earth in this physical form to be that of quality. I’m about enjoying every moment. Turning negatives into learning experiences. Therefore there’s never a negative. Graceful living, fluid thoughts, strong and healthy body, strong mind, seeing smiles on my kids face, seeing smiles on my loved ones faces, good company, good music, a beautiful woman on my side. What else can a man ask for.”
– Mike Rashid

When you’re constantly taking down tough obstacle after obstacle after obstacle, nothing can bother you. Nothing can take your shine. Nothing can make you upset. You know what I mean? You will have a high standard for everything you do in life — for your friends, for your peers, for people you work with. You will have a standard of excellence, and who doesn’t want that? You know what I mean? Have high standards for yourself.”
– Mike Rashid

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“Be disciplined, train hard. Train your mind as thoroughly as you train your body. Be a complete warrior. Not just a brute. Practice eloquence of the tongue, be fluid in thought.. Be gentle, but strong. Be humble. Stand firm in your beliefs. Be a protector. Make your word your bond. Firm handshakes, make eye contact. Be accountable for your actions. Just thinking about some of the lessons my pops taught me. Just reiterating them to myself, and sharing them with you.”
– Mike Rashid


“OVER: above in authority, rank, power. Synonyms: complete, accomplished. TRAINING: the education, instruction, or discipline. Synonyms: discipline, basics, foundation, practice. MIKE RASHIDS DEFINITION OF OVERTRAINING: to completely dominate your training. To leave no stones unturned when training.”
– Mike Rashid

“What I’m telling y’all is: strive for excellence. Don’t make excuses. When everything is stacked against you, get excited about that. Because when you bust through those obstacles, you grow. Your aptitude as a person enhances. Self esteem is your self estimation of what your are, who you are. No one can define that but you.”
– Mike Rashid


“I feel squats are the foundation for any athlete, in any sport. I like to incorporate powerlifting principles in progressing to a max effort for a neural response which translates to strength. However I like to progress with bodybuilding styled rep ranges which expands cells translating to larger muscles. After which I activate that inner athlete to do any type of crazy burn out or drop set which translate to badassery.”
– Mike Rashid

“I try my best to make things look easy. But truth is, I work my ass off for everything that I have. I work my ass of to look the way that I do. I try my best to live a disciplined lifestyle. Saturday 5:24pm holiday weekend. Where am I? I’m in the gym about to train legs. I am 100% faithful to MY success. When you see me, you see that dedication. You see it through my success in whatever I do. I’m a winner, but only because I bust my ass and work hard. I competed twice. Both shows, I was training the next day. I haven’t taken more than 2 days off in a week in longer than I can remember. Lately it’s only been one day off. I’m obsessed with success. I’m obsessed with me being better than I was. I can’t help it, can’t stop, nor do I want to:) See you at the top!”
– Mike Rashid


“Tell people that you love how much you love them. Tell people that you don’t like, that you don’t like them and why. Step into actions with boldness. But never be too ‘Alpha’ that you cant take constructive criticism. Or learn from a mistake. No matter how much it may sting, DO NOT reject the truth. And if you are a leader. Be a damn good leader. Be an example. Don’t half ass anything. Don’t be out of shape telling people how to be in shape. Don’t be a cheater telling people not to cheat. Walk the walk. That’s it. simple common sense.
– Mike Rashid

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