10 Worst Side-Effects of Steroid Abuse

10 Worst Side-Effects of Steroid Abuse

Let’s face it, humans are generally vain and often place a lot of importance on how they look. Sometimes we go to such extremes to try to look good that we actually end up doing damage to our bodies and our long term health.

We smear chemicals on our faces, expose ourselves to UV rays to get a tan, go on crazy diets that can be really hard on our bodies and get all sorts of surgeries to tighten up various places and look younger – all for the sake of looking good. Despite how much we see this side of our culture on TV and the internet, this is not a new phenomenon as people have been doing it as long as recorded history.

The following video looks at some of the worst side effects of steroid abuse. As you’ll see, the negative side of steroid use targets both men and women and affects you on the inside just as much as it can on the outside. One look at the following video and most of you will agree that the cost and downside of steroid abuse seem to far out-weigh the potential benefits.

In this sense, what appears to be a beautiful and strong exterior hides a sickly interior which can be a time bomb waiting to go off. Ultimately, the irony with steroid abuse is that while people push their bodies to look strong and healthy they can end up doing incredible amounts of damage to their health.

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