10 Ways to Build Huge Quads That Are Shockingly Simple

10 Ways to Build Huge Quads That Are Shockingly Simple

Let’s be real here – nobody likes leg day.

If we had to rank all the muscles in our body from favorite to work to least favorite to work legs would be on the bottom of most lists. Most people don’t compliment each other on legs and for the most part you can’t even see them. As a result, it makes sense that people tend to neglect them.

The odd time you do work them usually result in a half-assed workout that you know won’t build mass.

If you want a truly balanced, impressive physique unfortunately you will have to change your views on leg day. While other people might not appreciate your leg progress as much as your arms or chest, having strong legs has many benefits.

You’ll avoid looking ridiculous if your upper body starts to get really big and you will have way more testosterone running through your veins thanks to those squats.

With all that said, we’ve put together 10 tips for you guys to finally cut the bullshit and make some real leg process.

If you are serious about building your quads check out the tips below to get you started.

1 – 20 Rep Squats

best way to build massive quads

Since your quads are your largest muscle group they can take a beating. 20-rep squat sets are popular amongst powerlifters and bodybuilders as it will work the quads harder than anything and cause your body to release a ton of testosterone into the bloodstream.

If you can make it through 20-rep sets you can make it through anything.

2 – Use Machines Correctly

Not all machines work your legs the same way.

For example, many people think that hack squat and leg press hit the quads equally as the movement appears similar. However they actually hit your muscles in different ways. Leg press will focus more on the glutes since you are bending your knees a lot further.

Hack squats on the other hand hit the lower quads. Knowing how the machines work your muscles differently will help you hit your quads from different angles and different ways thereby boosting overall muscle growth.

3 – Don’t Neglect Hamstrings

Your hamstrings are very important to the overall appearance of your legs not to mention they will help strengthen your squats. The best exercises for hitting your hamstrings directly are leg curls and stiff-leg deadlifts.

Try supersetting them together and you will have the best hamstring workout of your life.

4 – Drop the Leg Extensions

If you are looking to put on significant mass to your legs you need to forget about the leg extension machine.

While they may be a popular choice since they are way easier to perform than squats or deadlifts they simply should not be the focus of your workout. Once you get done with the multi-joint exercises feel free to throw some extensions in at the end but these should be second priority to your Squats.

5 – Limit the Accessories

Don’t be one of those guys who throws on belts and knee wraps every leg day. You will look stupid and you will actually set yourself up for injury down the road. When you wear a weight belt or knee wraps yes you are getting some additional support.

However, you are not allowing the proper support muscles to develop which could lead to injuries down the road.

See the ultimate guide to quad exercises here in case you need some help.

6 – 1.5 Squats

This exercise isn’t very well known but it’s a great way to hit your quads hard.

When performing the squat go all the way down like you normally would however on the way back up pause at the halfway point then go back down and complete the rep. Basically you will be making a “W” motion with your body.

Be sure to lower the weight a bit with this one as it’s more difficult than the traditional squat.

7 – Work Hard Every Time

It’s very common for bodybuilders to procrastinate when it comes to their leg workouts.

They’ll skip them a lot or when they finally get around to working legs they go light and get a mediocre workout out of it. You need to stop doing this.

Go hard on leg day every time. If you don’t have the energy for a difficult leg day move it to a different day of the week and do something easier instead.

Having said that, make sure you actually do your leg workout – don’t keep pushing it into the future.

8 – Half Reps

Half reps are a great way to break through plateaus.

While they aren’t meant to replace full reps they are a great way to get your body used to the stress of a heavy weight. Once your body gets used to lifting it – even half way – it will become a lot easier within a few weeks to do full reps.

9 – Static Lunges

These are similar to traditional lunges however when you step forward you don’t bring the foot back right away. Instead you leave it forward and start raising yourself up and down to get some extra work in.

Once your leg gets too tired you can bring it back and switch to the other leg.

10 – Mix Up The Squat Stance

How do you make the best exercise even more effective?

Change stances!

While doing any type of squat stance will give you tremendous benefits you can get even more out of it by switching things up. Wide stance, narrow stance and shoulder-width all have their benefits so give them all their time.

Your quads will grow that much faster!

Make your hard training count

We’ve covered this before in our guide to build muscle as fast as possible. – You can read that here.

Leg day is the most gruelling workout of the week, am I right? But you also know it’s extremely important to go through it at least once per week.

So since you literally have to do it then why not get the most out of your hard work?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret and tell you what the fitness model you see on Instagram are doing to maximise their hard work.

Simply put, they are doing steroids.

Even though they claim to be natural.

But why exactly do they use dangerous synthetic steroids?? It simply boosts their testosterone levels through the roof.

However, a lot of fitness guys are waking up a nowadays realising just how dangerous and stupid taking steroids really is. It can come with nasty side-effects such as baldness and you can even become infertile!

Not to mention those gains ain’t loyal bro. As soon as they get off the gear they lose their muscles.

Besides the supplement industry has already discovered safe and natural ingredients that can boost your bodies OWN testosterone production. Safely and naturally. Not to mention you get to keep your gains when you stop taking these kinds of natural supplements. BECAUSE YOU WORKED FOR IT!

Therefore if you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your hard work you need to make sure your t-levels are high enough or consider taking a natural testosterone booster. These products are completely safe. You can read more about them here.

But please beware of companies that use ineffective fillers in their supplements.

Make sure that your product contains these proven ingredients.

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