10 Ways On How To Insult A Bodybuilder

10 Ways On How To Insult A Bodybuilder

Do you know a bodybuilder that you want to insult and crush his ego in the process? Well if you do we have found the 5 worst insults a bodybuilder can hear from people around him. We do not recommend using these to insult bodybuilders!


Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilder

1. You’re legs are so small compared to your upper body

2. You have been training for months but still look exactly the same

3. Have you been losing weight lately ?, you definitely look smaller

4. When did you stop training?

5. You don’t look like you lift

Well we are not only going to tell you on how to insult a bodybuilder but also on how to give bodybuilder the best 5 compliments ever!


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu Bodybuilders

1. Your quads look massive, been squating hardcore lately?

2. The separation and detail in your delts is mind blowing, what’s your routine like?

3. You taking steroids? you look massive as fu*k!

4. Wow bro, you have improved your physique tremendously since I last saw you

5. I want a physique like you have, how did you build yours up?

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