10 Ways On How To Be The Alpha Male in The Gym

10 Ways On How To Be The Alpha Male in The Gym

What does it mean to be alpha, the word alpha has been used frequently in recent years, and many people don’t know what it means.

Being an alpha male doesn’t mean that you are cool; according to dictionary.com, the definition of alpha is this:

being the most dominant, powerful, or assertive person in a particular group.

This post will go over how you can be the most alpha male in your gym and what you need to do to achieve that.

Challenge the big lifters in the gym

When you see a big guy lifting heavy weights, you have to outlift him to become the alpha male.

Even though you outlift the big guys with small margins, it still counts as a win.

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You can also challenge the big muscular guys on who is stronger.

By doing this and winning them, you assert your dominance as the most alpha lifter in the gym.

Wear Stringer tanks in the gym

Stringer tanks will reveal you’re fantastic shredded physique.

If you wear this type of clothing on back day and arm day, you will impress people with your massive and shredded physique.

This will show you, gym-goers, that you aren’t messing around in the gym and have a great body.

This will showcase strength and dominance to other gym members.

Reveal your strengths, hide your weaknesses

If you have tiny calves and legs, but your upper body is fantastic, always wear pants while training.

By doing that, you will hide your chicken legs but reveal the enormous upper body you worked so hard for.

Because you have such an amazing upper body, people will assume you have great legs as well, even if you have chicken legs.

By doing that, you are showcasing your strength but hiding your weakness, making you look more alpha.

Carry a big water jug in the gym

Rich Piana, one of the most alpha lifters in any gym, had a big water jug when he was training filled with some intra workout formula.

This will show that you take the gym seriously and need a large gallon water jug to hydrate your huge body.

A standard-sized supplement shaker won’t do it, you have to assert dominance, and you do that by having a bigger bottle than anyone else in the gym.

Focus on arms and shoulders

The things that you showcase the most when wearing a tank top in the gym are your arms and shoulders.

Having superior arms and shoulders to everyone will make you look like the biggest guy in the gym.

That’s why you need to focus on these muscle groups quite a lot to get that alpha to look in the gym.

If you have an expensive car take two parking spaces

It takes two parking spaces if you have a nice expensive car that you don’t want to get scratched or bumped into while training in the gym.

This will make you look like an alpha that takes two spaces because he wants to.

If you don’t have a nice car, you can skip this step and try to park far away, so no one sees that you don’t have an impressive vehicle.

Grunt loudly when you are lifting heavy weights

On your pump sets, don’t grunt; when training in the gym to grunt in every exercise, the trick is to grunt only in your impressive lifts.

However, when you are maxing out in a lift, you want to show the people in the gym how strong you are to get attention from other gym-goers who grunt loudly when you are doing heavy sets.

Many people in the gym will see how strong you are and assert dominance in the gym.

Wear a big hoodie and have the hood on

When you are starting your workouts, always begin training in your hoodie.

Let’s say you are training arms; start lifting in your hoodie with your hood on to look more dominant.

After you have pumped up your arms, they will look bigger, veinier, and more impressive.

That’s when you take your hood on and wear your stringer tank top to reveal your monster arms and look like an alpha.

Wear a UFC Shirt in the gym

By wearing an MMA or UFC shirt in the gym, you show people that you are a good fighter.

Preferably a UFC stringer tank top, then you are both showing everyone your fabulous physique as well as implying you are a great fighter.

That way, nobody wants to mess with you in the gym, and everyone will think you have had MMA training.

By doing that, you will look more dominant and alpha.

Wear over-ear headphones

Try to wear over-ear headphones and preferably when other people can hear the music you play.

If you wear over-ear headphones and people can hear what you listen to, you can appear more alpha.

People will see how hardcore you are and how dominant you are when training by playing hardcore rap and rock music in the gym.

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