10 Times Mike O’Hearn Shut Down His Haters With Savage Comebacks

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Mike O’Hearn is a natural bodybuilding legend who has achieved massive success as an athlete, influencer, and business owner.

However, with success often comes criticism and hate from others.

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Despite this, Mike has never shied away from defending himself and shutting down his haters with epic comebacks.

In this post, we will take a look at the top 10 times Mike O’Hearn shut down his haters with savage comebacks that left them speechless.

From his witty responses to his unapologetic attitude, Mike O’Hearn proves that he is not just a force to be reckoned with in the gym, but also in the art of shutting down negativity with style.

Mike O’Hearn when answering steroid accusations from Dan Bilzerian and Derek from More Plates More Dates:

That was my curiosity they go: He’s on drugs, ok cool he’s on drugs, lets just go with that. Where there other guys on drugs? Most likely right? Don’t they say everybody is on drugs. Ok so where were they 20-years before that and why aren’t they still 20 years after that doing it, whats the decline and whats the rise to the top, why isn’t there a thousand, or 10 thousand Mike O’Hearns? Go do steroids, I’ll pay for some of these guys to do steroids for a year. That’s not the trick, it’s Tom Cruise takes care of himself, he sleeps, he lives his life the the fullest, there is a different entity to him and this goes to all the other guys that competed Lee Haney, OK so maby Lee did it at a time, but he took care of himself and there were other aspects to it. These guys just want to go: Nah, I can do exactly what you did, I just need the magic sauce, alright then I’ll buy you some, lets see what happens to you. Dan has got to be 10-20 years younger than me and the other kid (Derek from More Plates More Dates) is younger than me, he isn’t as big as me as when I was 14-years old so and he is on this shit.

Mike O’Hearn on tabloid YouTubers who accuse him of steroids:

You are listening to tabloid guys like (Greg Doucette, Kenny. K.O), that says everybody is on it, no, you are on it, you held it for a second and you don’t look as good as her (points to his wife Mona) and you are the same age, she lifts more than you now so it’s not this miracle thing you get to keep, it’s not that. But why wouldn’t they go, I don’t care if this guy did or didn’t do it, I’m going to be better than him and trying to one-up instead of going negative, I’m phoning in forget it they are all on it, I’m out. Why do people do that?

Mike O’Hearn when a fan on his live stream said testosterone levels drop naturally with age:

See, this is what’s great about this guy; this guy is a complete idiot, and nowhere does it say that it just drops; everybody is the same, see that’s the problem with some of these guys, and this guy is a complete moron. He says everybody across the board, no matter what it is, their testosterone drops, and that’s just not the case, and no science says it’s the case. Science says it’s a possibility when you age that it drops, but it doesn’t mean every single person, no matter what it is, drops. There’s 20-year-olds with low testosterone there’s 70-year-olds with high testosterone; explain that. The common sense part of this is the great thing here, this guy again a complete moron because he thinks no matter what, this is what happens. That’s like saying no matter what, if you squat 500 lbs, you are going to have great legs; no, it doesn’t mean that; you may squat 500 lbs, but you still might have bird legs, but you might have strong connective tissue it’s absolutely zero, there is no science that says every single person no matter what it is drops. It’s just is not that clean, it’s not that simple, but if you want an excuse to say it is, that’s fine. You are one of the lame guys that it drops, and because it drops one percent on average for an average person, you shouldn’t even lift, so that’s the problem with these guys, and that’s the fan base to some of these Instagram tabloid guys is that this kind of guy right here is the individual that works great for those kinds of people.

Mike O’Hearn on Greg Doucette after he was accused by him of using steroids:

Guys that have never accomplished anything, never done anything. I don’t care if they got their pro card if they never won anything as a pro. A lot of you are listening to the guys over here, that haven’t done anything but they make their living out of peoples names and you take their as the gospel.

Mike O’Hearn answers a fan that asks “How much muscle can a guy with average genetics build naturally?

First off I don’t where you got the average genetics, genetics has nothing to do with putting on muscle mass on, muscle mass has to go with shape or genetic shape. I know a lot of guys, Dave Palumbo does not have the greatest genetics in the world but was a monster of a man but there is a lot of people like that, I am just using him as an example, he still did great. Genetics should never come into your mindset, it’s show you are weak minded. This person is already weak, he’s not even average, he is a snowflake because of the fact that he used the terminology : “average” and “naturally”.

Mike O’Hearn when Shawn Ray talked about steroids :

Before puberty, I had something I was 176 lbs, a year and a half later I was 272 lbs, so you are talking about a sophomore in school I was a monster, I was benching over 400 pounds when I was 15, squatting 550 pounds, so 16,17 I’m about 272, I am right now 260 so I am actually 12 pounds lighter than I was when I was 15.

Mike O’Hearn addresses Steroid Accusations:

A couple of people that put out videos on steroids and stuff, now understand they are just saying I do steroids, that’s their interpretation of it, they can say whatever they wanna say. What they are not saying is don’t assume you can do steroids for 40-years, it doesn’t work that way, for anybody that says that come on guys don’t do that. Don’t think they are saying that, they are not, they are only saying what their interpretation of it is, what their believes are.

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Mike O’hearn on trainers that suggest a low-carb diet:

The point I am trying to teach you right now is that we are enhancing our calorie intake, we are bringing carbohydrates back in, and we are teaching our body just like you do with weightlifting, we are teaching it that it has to utilize those calories, more calories. Not by exercise, all your experts keep going back: you got to exercise it off, you got to exercise it off. Teach your body to be 18 again, teach your body to utilize those calories, stop just going: I’m taking these calories in I am a little bloated, your body kinda goes like I’m bloated you are forcing this food on me, it’s just like walking around with heavyweight, holy shoes that’s heavy, yeah but the second time you do it, the third time you do it, it gets lighter, lighter and lighter until you squat that weight. it’s the same thing with your body, your body is a beautiful thing, stop letting these people tell you that you are this delicate little flower and you always got to be cutting those calories and cutting these calories as you get older. Trust me by the time you get 35 you 20-year-olds, and you are already cutting it, by the time you are 35 you are done. Don’t even try to get to this age and still be eating like this and training like this, I mean that’s just not realistic.

Mike O’Hearn answers Kenny K.O after he asked him if he used TRT:

What would be the point though? Mike answers
Kenny K.O: Because men’s hormone levels dip as they get older.
Mike O’Hearn: No they don’t because you guys say that when you are 20 you have high levels but when you are 50 you have zero.

Mike then brings out his wife Mona and makes her flex her abs beside Kenny K.O who doesn’t have the same impressive abs as Mona.

Mike O’Hearn: She is 46-years old why does she have better abs than you? In all seriousness: you guys go, no matter what, you guys are destroyed by 40 or 35 that kind of the idea that’s being pushed, is it not?

Mike then brings up interesting questions and ask Kenny K.O what age the best bodybuilder are and what age you are your strongest. best bodybuilders are late 30’s Mike says, and your best strength is in your late 30’s.

Mike O’Hearn: So again at your strongest were you ever stronger than me at 14 or 15 years old when you were juiced up? Kenny K.O answers : hell no.

Mike responds: why I was going into puberty and I was going out of puberty, why were you not stronger than me on shit?

Kenny K.O answers I guess body style training routine and genetics.

Mike Responds: Than a kid coming out of puberty? I was going through puberty, how were you not stronger than me?

Kenny K.O answers: just genetics

Mike O’Hearn replies in a funny way: He just said genetics, I am training at 14-years old and you are saying drugged up 20’s or 30’s on steroids that you can’t be stronger than a prepubescence kid?

Mike O’Hearn on achieving success as a natural bodybuilder:

To the guys that want to do this for a long period of time, you can say whatever you want about me, but I’ve been here since the 80’s and I’m still here today. So it’s a long road to take, it’s a tough road but for those who really want it, do the long road. Don’t do the short term.

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