10 Things That Bodybuilders Don't Want Their Girlfriend To Know About

10 Things That Bodybuilders Don’t Want Their Girlfriend To Know About

We as bodybuilders often times find the perfect girl, the girl that get’s the honor of being called your girlfriend.

When that time comes there are a few things you want your beautiful girlfriend not to know about you as an aesthetic bodybuilder.

We have spoken with many bodybuilders and they shared with us the 10 most common things you don’t want your new girlfriend to know about.

Jay Cutler bodybuilder

1. You are still keeping in touch with “old friends”

As an aesthetic bodybuilder it is extremely hard to ignore the attention you get from girls all over the place even though you have a new awesome girlfriend.

So many bodybuilders try to hide their tracks as they are texting the squat girl from the gym from time to time.

2. You have slept with way more women than your girlfriend thinks

So you have build up the perfect body your testosterone production is through the roof, before you know it you have spent the night with different hotties all over the place.

That’s something bodybuilders generally lie about to their new girlfriend.

It has been estimated that bodybuilders decrease “their number” by 75% to their new girlfriend, so if they have been with 40 women they tell her 10.

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    I find this is a pointless article, focusing on a stereotype that is backed by nothing. Choosing to be a bodybuilder does not determine who you are or make the person this article describes, in the same way that not all footballers are cheating and dumb as their stereotype would suggest. A slightly mis-informed and utterly unfair article, labelling and criticising a whole range of different people for doing something they enjoy. I would love to know how many bodybuilders the writer of this article has dated to come to these conclusions.

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    no fucks given

    iam a bodybuilder and i agree lol, specially with the first one we just cant ignore the attention we get from other bitches

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    Who let this mongoloid into the public media? Charlie Green should learn the basics of a sentence before he is allowed to publish his special brand of closet-gay ignorance.

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