10 Things Nobody Should Do In The Gym

10 Things Nobody Should Do In The Gym

Training in the gym can be a lot of fun and a rewarding experience; we are all different from where we are in our journey whether we are gym veterans or beginners.

However, certain things make some gyms a great place, but it can also destroy gyms.

That is how people act in the gym, what people do in the gym.

In this post, we will discuss 10 things you should never ever do in the gym.

Don’t leave your stuff on the equipment you aren’t using.

Don’t leave your gym bag or hoodie on benches or equipment you do not intend on using.

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If you leave stuff on the equipment you are basically saying ” I am using this right not, I may not be here but soon I’ll be back to use this equipment”.

I have seen it happen from time to time again, people leaving their stuff on equipment they are not using and are not going to use.

This can partly ruin someone’s workout, someone who was planning on using this equipment and thinks it’s occupied because someone left their stuff on it.

Not wash their workout clothes and use them again and again

Why do some people smell so terribly in the gym?

The reason is that they don’t wash their workout clothes in between workouts, if you don’t wash your clothes there comes this terrible sweat smell in them that everyone can smell from far away.

It’s not like a mild sweat smell, you will smell like a skunk, and everyone in your presence will smell the disgusting sweaty smell and be distracted by it or try to work out as far away from you as you can.

It’s kind of disrespectful to go to the gym smelling like a skunk, so don’t do it.

Go in with a crew of your friends and screw around

It is annoying when you are at the gym and there is this group of friends maby 5-6 guys and they aren’t there for training.

They are in the gym screwing around, messing with the machines and doing a fraction of work here and there.

They are loud and just not in the gym to actually get results.

These guys will occupy some of the most desirable equipment while laughing, not working out, and just getting in the way of serious gym goers who may not have a lot of time to complete their workouts.

If you go in the gym, have a purpose a workout, and try to finish it within a good time frame, if you are there only to meet your friends, just go to the sauna.

Sit on a bench in a busy gym, taking a long phone call

Nobody cares if you talk on the phone in the gym.

People only care if you take a long phone call in the gym if you are occupying equipment they want to use.

If you need to take a long call in the gym, leave the equipment and let someone else use it.

Don’t sit on the equipment forever and talk on the phone and make other people annoyed at you.

Not Putting Weights away

I can’t believe I am still talking about this, I don’t get it, why do some people don’t put the weights away they were using?

Are they being lazy or just don’t care about anyone besides themselves?

I probably will get it, but the respectable thing you do in the gym is putting the weights away you were using.

Nobody likes to put weights away that they were not using but some people are forced to do it because some gym members didn’t bother to take the weights of the bar.

Don’t be the douchebag that leaves weights all around the gym.

Don’t workout in front of the dumbbell rack

Some people love working out in front of the dumbbell rack and blocking the accessibility to a lot of dumbbells.

Don’t stand in front of the dumbbell rack; move away so people can actually access the weights.

You only have to move three steps back and you aren’t in no one’s way.

I mean how frustrating is it when someone blocked the dumbbells you are trying to get?

Don’t workout too close to someone

It happens all the time especially when I’m doing dumbbell bench presses.

People go and work out close to me so before I start lifting the weights I have to ask them to move so the dumbbells don’t come in contact with them.

Give people space to lift their weights, you don’t need to stand close to them.

If you are asked for a spot do it the right way

It’s not uncommon to be asked for a spot in the gym, some people train alone and may want to try hitting heavy weights, and for safety, they ask you to spot them.

Most of the time people who ask for a spot know they can lift the weight, they just don’t want to take any risks of injuring themselves.

If someone asks them to spot you, you should say to them: “Just tell me when you need help”.

Do not touch the bar if there is a chance the lifter can lift the weight; if he is hitting a max that he would be able to lift, but the lousy spotter helps him too soon, you may be ruining a PR.

Don’t unnecessarily block someone’s view of themselves in the mirror.

If there is plenty of space to go around in the gym, then try to not block someone view from themselves in them in the mirror.

Many people like watching themselves while lifting in the mirror and if there’s plenty of space to go around then don’t workout in front of them and block their mirror view.

Slamming the weights unnecessarily

You don’t need to slam the 20 lbs dumbbells after you finished bicep curling them for 20 reps.

There is no reason to throw them on the ground trying to look like a big shot.

In general, don’t slam the weights if you don’t have to; it’s completely unnecessary to slam the weights in most exercises, why do it?

It’s just a distraction to everyone else, especially if you are doing it after each set.

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