10 Small Changes for a Stronger, Healthier, Happier You!

10 Small Changes for a Stronger, Healthier, Happier You!


When it comes to self improvement and creating a stronger, healthier and better you, many people try and run before they can walk, setting unrealistic goals and making drastic changes… These goals and changes aren’t realistic or maintainable, and this often means people are just setting themselves up for failure!

You’ll be amazed at how much of an impact simple, small changes can have on your life and all these small changes add up to a BIG difference!

Here’s 10 small, simple and easy steps to a better you!

#1 – Get a water bottle

Your body is mainly composed of water and staying hydrated carries numerous mental and physical benefits, playing a vital role in many of your body’s functions!

The majority of us don’t consume enough water day to day, meaning that our bodies aren’t functioning optimally.

By having a water bottle and carrying it around with you not only means that you have access to drinking water wherever you are, but the bottle aids as a visual cue to have a drink, reminding you to drink more.

Give it a go! We can guarantee that after just a day or two of doing this you’ll start to notice improvements!

#2 – An extra 30 minutes sleep

Sleep is absolutely vital to our recovery as well as our day to day health and in regards to bodybuilding, sleep is actually where we build our muscle, not in the gym! So why wouldn’t you want more sleep, right??

Lack of sleep has also been linked with things such as depression, increased levels of hunger as well as decreased mental and physical performance.

We understand that it can be easy to get carried away watching your favourite youtube videos or netflix until 3am in the morning… But heading to bed an extra 30 minutes earlier than you normally would will have massive positive impacts on numerous areas of your life!


#3 – Do a dry month

A lot of people like a drink now and again, a lot of people like a drink with a meal and a lot of people just like a drink at the end of the day… regardless of this, ditching the drink will have huge impact on your health and can significantly aid in weight loss!

Alcohol is “empty calories”, meaning that it offers your body zero nutritional benefits for the calories it contains. With drinking calories it is also easy to lose track of how much you are actually consuming.

Cutting out the drink for 30 days or so will give your body a break and also reduce your caloric intake, jumpstarting that fat loss!


#4 – Clear out the cupboards

Everyone has foods stashed up in the fridge, freezer, pantry and cupboards… Even though you can tell yourself that these foods are off limits, if they are there and easily accessible, the temptation is there and it can be easy for anyone to break!

If you go through you cupboards and clear out all them boxes of cookies and packets of crisps and remove them from the house, they’re not there to temp you or for you to indulge in when you crave them!

You can’t east what you don’t have!

#5 – Take a picture of yourself every week

You see yourself every day and so more likely than not you won’t notice any major changes in your physique! This can be really de-motivating and is actually hiding the fact that you have made genuine progress – you just haven’t been able to notice it day to day!

Taking pictures every week gives you a good record to look back on. While you might not notice any changes to your appearance in the past days or week, if you look 3 or 4 weeks back, you will begin to be able to see noticeable differences!

Seeing this change can have great impact on your motivation! Also the logging of your progress itself is a huge motivational factor, making you feel like you’re going to be held accountable for your actions… So is that cookie you’re craving right now really worth it??

#6 – Ditch the appetizer and dessert

In modern day, many social events revolve around food and going out to eat. You can’t avoid these situations and just not go to them as this could have detrimental impact on your relationships and in turn your happiness an well-being.

However you can limit the damage done by not ordering an appetizer or a dessert, with avoiding these two small dishes usually saving you approximately upwards of 1000 calories!


#7 – Write down one struggle

No one has it plain sailing… Everyone has some kind of struggle or hardship that they have to face. Whether that’s getting to the gym… keeping on your diet… whatever it may be – write it down! Either on a sticky note or put it in your notepad on your phone.

Writing it down will give you both a constant reminder and more focus, often resulting in a more determined you, greatly increasing the chance of you overcoming the struggle!

#8 – Set time aside for exercise

Exercise yields many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It has been directly linked with a reduction in the chance of depression and increased likelihood of happiness!

However many people struggle to find time for exercise as it’s seen as an optional extra in your da You should make it a priority! Just as you would with work or house chores! Make the time – set aside an allocated slot especially for exercise.

After sticking to this for a few weeks it will become habit! And I can guarantee you’ll feel better for it too!!

#9 – Effective supplement use

A simple, efficient, easy and effective change you can put in place for a healthier you is to utilise supplements. It’s important to understand that diet is most important, but supplements can be used, to do exactly what they’re called, “supplement”, your diet in the areas that it is deficient!

For example if you struggle to get 5 fruit and veg in a day, a multi vitamin would be useful for your body in order for it to get the crucial micronutrients it needs!

However, always do your research first and understand what you require and then find an appropriate supplement to fill your needs.


#10 – Get a gym bag

This is an absolute essential for anyone to have! It will keep you organised, on track, and keep all your fitness items together in one place, amking it much less hasstle to get ready for exercise.

It will also be a visual reminder to exercise. These visual cues are not to be underestimated and could offer you that little bit of extra motivation you need to get you to the gym!

Go get it!!

Utalise these simple, small yet effective steps, incorporating them into your life and you’ll be well on the way to a happier, healthier you!

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