10 Rules Girls Have To Follow If They Want A Bodybuilding Boyfriend

10 Rules Girls Have To Follow If They Want A Bodybuilding Boyfriend

10 Rules Girls Have To Follow If They Want A Bodybuilding Boyfriend

There are not so many single alpha bodybuilders out there that are up for grabs.

Being a dedicated bodybuilder takes a lot of hard work and being a girlfriend of a bodybuilder is no joke.

Why would a alpha bodybuilder get a girlfriend if she does not add any value into his life?

Think about that for a moment.

Most bodybuilders are really satisfied with their lives and adding a girl just means trouble.

Unless she is willing to follow the 10 rules to keep her bodybuilding boyfriend satisfied.

This article will help all girls realise what is required if she wants to get a bodybuilding boyfriend and keep him happy for a long time.

So here are the 10 rules to follow to keep your bodybuilding boyfriend satisfied.

10 Rules Girls Have To Follow If They Want To Have A Bodybuilding Boyfriend

1.Cook for him

This should be obvious, a bodybuilder needs extremely good nutrition and some guys even eat 6-8 times per day.

A great way for girls to show their bodybuilding boyfriend that they support and love them is cooking their meals for them.

This should be required if you want to keep your bodybuilding boyfriend happy.

Because if he misses a meal he is going to feel bad about himself and you don’t want him to be sad because you were too lazy to cook for him.

2. Wash his workout clothes

As bodybuilders know lifting weights every day and doing cardio a few times per week is going to make you run out of fresh workout clothes fast.

That’s why the workout clothes need to get washed almost every day.

If you are a girlfriend of a bodybuilder he will love you even more if you clean his clothes regularly so he doesn’t have to do it himself after he is tired after a crazy chest workout.

3. Massage him regularly

Bodybuilders recover faster if they get massages after a heavy workout. It’s a bit like foam rolling you are putting pressure on the muscle to release blood flow and that helps with recovery.

Especially after a heavy leg day bodybuilder will need a good massage on the legs.

This will help them recover faster and get better results in the gym.

If you are his woman you should do this for him to support his bodybuilding goals.

4. Do not eat junk foods and candy in front of him

Bodybuilders have extremely disciplined diets. If they are not in the bulking season or have a cheat day you as his girlfriend should never eat junk foods in front of him.

This will make him feel tempted to cheat on his diet and that is not a good thing for him.

If however he has a cheat day and is allowed to eat all kinds of junk food it is acceptable for you to join him and eat junk foods.

5. Make sure the apartment is clean

After a heavy workout especially leg days bodybuilders are extremely sore and tired in their muscles. They simply won’t have the energy to clean and vacuum the floor.

That’s when the perfect girl steps in she makes sure that her bodybuilder boyfriend comes home to a clean house after he has killed his legs at the gym.

Instead of complaining to him how he should also clean when he simply doesn’t have the energy to do it.

6. Keep him satisfied in the bedroom

Bodybuilders have an extremely high sex drive. It is no secret that testosterone levels increase when living a healthy and an active lifestyle.

With that comes more sex drive.

If you truly want to keep your bodybuilding boyfriend satisfied you can’t be lazy in the bedroom.

7. Buy him gifts

There is no better feeling as a bodybuilder to get a tub of protein or a new gym tank top as a gift.

If his girl is always surprising him with things that will help him achieve his bodybuilding goals he will love her even more.

He will appreciate her efforts and consider her as a future wife.

10 Rules Girls Have To Follow If They Want To Have A Bodybuilding Boyfriend

8. Stay in shape

It makes no sense having a bodybuilding boyfriend that trains hard,  keeps a perfect diet and you are out of shape.

In order to respect his efforts you should stay in shape and eat the same healthy foods as he does and train hard.

This will strengthen the relationship and he will find you more attractive.

9.Do not complain about his lack of time

Chances are if you have a bodybuilding boyfriend he has no time to go out for drinks with you and friends.

You have to respect his decision to be a bodybuilder that does everything he can to stay in shape.

That means that he might not be down to go to fancy restaurants every week because he is following a strict diet.

Never complain to him about this because he will just feel like you are an obstacle of him reaching his goals.

10. Compliment him on his gains

When bodybuilders put a lot of effort in the gym and are getting gains the best things they can hear is :

“Wow, you have put on some decent muscle size” or “You are really getting leaner since you started your diet”

This will support him and give him motivation to keep reaching his bodybuilding goals.

He will love you for noticing the changes and supporting his journey.

Final words:

Girls following these rules will definitely keep their bodybuilding boyfriend so satisfied that he won’t even think about leaving or cheating on them.

The girl will become a valuable part of his life and he will love her for supporting him.

Author: Charlie Green

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    Cassie sherman

    Shouldn’t this be the basis of any relationship? Shouldn’t this go both ways? Shouldnt men and women both contribute to all of the above? Ridiculous to pinpoint women in all of this! Men should do those things for their women as well! Im just saying thing are all thing that come naturally if u really care about a person.

  2. Avatar

    James, you sound like a real prick who will be single forever tbh… perhaps you should use those muscles to clean, cook and wash your own clothes or perhaps that’s too complex for your little peanut size brain. get yourself a housekeeper, dumbass…
    Best regards,

  3. Avatar

    Are you kidding me Lana? All the article says is that a women should at least put some effort to live up to the fit man’s standards, because there are plenty of women in the world who don’t really want to put in said effort; they are a lot more common than you would want to believe. I’m pretty sure an attractive, healthy, and intelligent woman who is striving for a successful career in the business industry wouldn’t want to put up with a lazy, dickheaded, loser of a guy if he himself won’t put the effort to at least better himself as a human being by doing his own part while his gf works hard in whatever career she is doing(sadly they too are never uncommon and it’s BS) I know plenty of guys who literally do EVERYTHING for their gf while she works hard to get a raise or get a sick ass job, especially since she might usually come back exhausted. Yeah she COULD do every chore when she comes he but wouldn’t that be a bit unfair? Maybe her bf can show some decency and appreciation for her efforts by doing his part and tidying up the house just a bit, same thing applies here in the article here. All of these are pretty standard in a relationship, one person is out there doing things: getting fit, working a job, or studying, and his/her lover does his/her part keeping the homestead in order. If both are working on their own goals they yeah both do their parts in cleaning the house but it’s pretty apperant that this article is targeted towards people who have plenty of time to be able to do these things to please their hard-working partner; lazy ungrateful women who want to be with people clearly out of their exists too you know.

    I will understand if you assumed the article’s target demographic includes even the women who have their own obstacles work to work hard for and it seems like this article is encouraging women to do double work but I simply don’t think that is the case for this articles. It’s am obvious one, but article’s all over, even ones directed at me emcourages all of them to become more supportive of their hard-working partner. Again, I’m pretty sure a hard-working women doing her own fitness goals wouldn’t want a lazy, uncaring, and useless boyfriend to reap the rewards of having a fit, healthy, and talented woman and not do anything to at least help out when she comes home tired and drained, just some food for thought.

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