10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Workout With Your Girlfriend

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Workout With Your Girlfriend

There are many lifters in the gym that lift with their new girlfriend in the gym.

This post will go over 10-reasons why you should not work out with your girlfriend.

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There may be many guys out there mad as hell reading this, guys that are currently training with their girlfriends.

Well, you may want to skip this article, because you will be even madder if you read it.

She can’t spot you

If you are a strong lifter that lifts some heavy ass weights, not many girls out there can spot you if something goes wrong.

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If you lift over 225 lbs in the bench press for reps, your girlfriend cannot save you if you fail your rep and drop the bar on your chest.

Also, if you are training with your girlfriend, are you even doing bench presses?

Let’s be realistic here; most girls don’t even do bench presses in the gym.

You will not have someone to compete with

Workout partners are not in competition with one another; however, there is always this testosterone rivalry. If your lifting partner is significantly stronger than you in some lifts, it will push you to get even better.

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A girlfriend rarely pushes your boundaries by lifting heavier weights than you.

That friendly competition is something that many bodybuilders and powerlifters describe as necessary to improve even faster.

Just look at some of the greatest bodybuilders, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Branch Warren, and Johnnie Jackson. These guys trained together and pushed each other to unbelievable limits.

What happens is when you train with your girlfriend, most of the time, you are lifting way heavier weights, and she will be impressed by the strength you have.

You will not realize that because you are a male, you are naturally more inclined to lift heavier weights than a female, so you won’t ever get the feeling of someone being better than you and pushing you even further.

You Will Do Exercises You don’t want to do

Correct me if I’m mistaken (I am not mistaken, by the way), but girls focus more on their glute and leg development and less on their upper body.

It’s rare for a guy to desire to have giant glutes; most guys want big quads, but who the hell wants bigger glutes (unless they are a professional bodybuilder)

Just think about it, if you are training with your girlfriend, her focus will be glute development, and you will be forced to do a ton of exercises to build up your glutes.

While skipping the quad exercises, which make the legs look huge and follow your girl (because she is probably your boss) into a glute workout.

You may end up with better glutes, but your legs will not look that good.

You can’t listen to music, and you have to listen to gossip

If you are working out with your girlfriend, forget to bring your headphones to the gym to listen to your hardstyle gym playlist (shoutout to Tevvez).

You will have to hear all about Susan’s boyfriend, who is so lame, and how Susan should break up with him.

Don’t even think about using your headphones while you are with your girlfriend; she will be mad, and you will listen to gossip while you are in your heaviest sets, unable to focus.

High chance of arguments

Some lifters say: “The gym is my therapy” well, it definitely can be if you are not training with your girlfriend.

There is a high-risk factor your girlfriend will roast you in the gym for never doing the dishes and how lazy you are at home.

The gym is a time for many guys to forget about everything just for an hour while they work out, where they go to clear their minds and get a break from everyday things that can be overwhelming.

Well, you can forget about that if you train with your girlfriend.

You have to rerack many plates in between sets.

Let’s say you are deadlifting with your girlfriend, and if you are a strong lifter, you may be repping around 500 lbs in the deadlift.

However, your girl may only be repping around 100-200 lbs.

That means in between each set, you have to take countless plates of the bar and put them back on once your sets start.

This can be frustrating and take a lot of time.

Your Workout buddies may leave you.

If you have workout buddies you used to train with before you started working out with your girlfriend, they may stop wanting to go with you because they are not interested in working out with your girlfriend.

That is possible as many guys don’t want to include other friends’ girlfriends in their workouts.

That’s something you have to realize if you want to take your girlfriends with you and train with your workout buddy.

Most of the time, it doesn’t mix; many guys only want to work out with people on a similar level as they are in the gym.

They may do one or two workouts with you and your girlfriend, but, likely, they will not want to do it in the long run.

Different goals

You and your girlfriend likely have very different goals in the gym.

Most guys want to build muscle and strength, while many girls don’t care much about power and only want to get in good shape with nice glutes.

Different goals call for other actions and programs, so if you train with your girlfriend at the gym, it will probably not be the most effective workout routine unless you have the same goals in the gym.

I suggest that if you want to train with your girl at the gym, don’t do every workout together; only do the workouts together that you would do regardless if you were alone in the gym or not.

If there is no common ground, work out alone, and don’t try to force your way into a girl’s program.

Everybody thinks you are a loser.

If you are training with your girlfriend by doing countless glute exercises, there is a possibility that other lifters will look at you as a loser.

The reason is that you are not doing what’s suitable for you in the gym; you are not following a plan that aligns with your personal goals. Instead, your girlfriend, who has an entirely different vision of the gym, significantly influences your exercise selection.

If you are new to the gym, get a trainer or do your research because most girls train very differently from men.

That has at least been the case in all the gyms I have gone to for the last decade.

You May Miss out on gains.

While your previous workout buddies are smashing deadlift sessions, leg days, and arm pump workouts, you have been doing little of that.

Because you have been training with your girlfriend, who doesn’t like to do bench presses, arms, or deadlifts.

Your workout buddies have made tremendous gains while you have not changed or lost muscle mass.

The reason is simple; you don’t train the way you used to because your girlfriend influences your workouts.

That could be a downfall in the long run for your precious gains.

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