10 Reasons Why You Are Still A Skinny Fat Loser With No Gains

10 Reasons Why You Are Still A Skinny Fat Loser With No Gains

Lets assume that you have been training for some time now but despite for that fact you are still not getting any gains. Here are 10 reasons why you are still a skinny fat loser that does not produce any real results in the gym.

1.You train like a girl

Well we are not saying that all girls train soft, but many of them do. If you train soft like a girl you are probably not going to take your physique to another level. Remember if you train like a girl you will eventually look like one. Our suggestion is to go hard in the bench, squat and deadlift. If you do that properly it would hard for you NOT to get results.

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2. You eat like a starving African child

It has been quoted countless times that “you are what you eat”, that means if you eat small you will get small. Nutrition is probably the most important factor when trying to build muscle, if your nutrition sucks your body will suck it’s just as simple as that. Stop eating like you are deprived from quality foods and start joining in on the gain train.

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3. You are a lazy bastard with excuses

Do you know one of those guys who always finds excuses why he can’t make it to the gym? Those lazy bastards will rather watch the latest episode of the Walking Dead rather than smashing chest on a Monday. If you skip workouts and can’t stay consistent you will probably look like the skinny fat loser on the beach like you did last year.

4. You smash too many girls

It has been studied countless times that cardio kills gains, so if you are smashing girls on a regular basis you will eventually lose the gains you have worked so hard for. Our tip is to only smash 10/10 looking girls, and therefore not as often, to avoid losing your gains.


5. You do not train chest on Mondays

It has been scientifically researched many times that training chest on Mondays will deliver gains of a lifetime, it has also been studied that lifters that don’t train chest on Mondays will actually lose their gains like fire melting an ice cube. That is the main reason why people train their chest on Mondays.

6. You don’t post your workouts and meals on Instagram

Do you know why people post pictures of their chicken breast and gym session on Instagram? The reason for that is that you actually gain more muscle if more people know that you eat healthy and go to the gym. This has actually been researched by Chinese scientists that claim that if you do not post your healthy meals on Instagram you could have just skipped eating the meal, it doesn’t do any good to you if you don’t post it on social media.

7. You don’t have the balls to eat raw chicken breast

Did you know that if you cook your chicken breast that you are in actually cooking all of the proteins out of it? For the best results eat the chicken raw, this will increase your testosterone production and give you gains like you have never experienced before. VERY IMPORTANT: Consult with a doctor and your mother before eating raw chicken breast.

8. Your girlfriend sucks at su*king

Well if that’s the case for you, I feel sorry for you, but there is still hope because we set up a fund raiser to bring awareness to this problem and we hope that we can help you out. If you are experiencing this problem your testosterone production will decrease and your body will eventually start producing estrogen to cope with this terrible situation.

Beer Drinking Bench Press Contest – Big J vs. Rich Piana

9. You don’t mix your alcohol with protein shakes

When you are out there drinking vodka and wondering what you should mix with it. If you don’t want to lose all of your gains in one night I would suggest mixing it with protein shakes or BCAA blends. Otherwise you will lose all of your gains. Please consult with your doctor before mixing vodka and protein shakes together.

10. You are reading this article and not training

Why are you reading this stupid article and not training brah? Get your ass up now, mix a pre-workout shake and get an epic training session in. But wait there is a catch, we have discovered that people who read this article actually boosted their testosterone level 300% on average, so the article was not a complete waste of time after all!

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