10 Reasons Why The Gym Is Better Than Any Girlfriend

10 Reasons Why The Gym Is Better Than Any Girlfriend

The gym, the beautiful place filled with great memories.

It’s the place has transformed thousands of people to a stronger, bigger and better version of themselves.

It’s so addicting some people get anxiety if they can’t go to the gym for a week due to injury.

It’s the best therapy out there, the mental focus, the drive and the passion is something many people don’t understand.

People who haven’t trained in a gym and gotten this great feeling it provides often times say “Isn’t it boring lifting weights every day?”

The gym is better than any girlfriend no matter how perfect she might be.

That’s what we are discussing in this article why the gym is better than any girlfriend.

gym better than girls

The Gym Never Lies

From my experience women are compulsive liars. They lie to your face to get what they want and don’t even feel bad about it.

The gym will always reveal the truth, the gym will never lie to you. If you are getting stronger you will be able to lift heavier weight and if you are getting weaker you will be able to lift less weight.

The gym will always give you the real deal and show you exactly where you stand.

The Gym Will Never Leave You

What you have probably experienced (or will) at some point in your life is a girl leaving you. As hard as it might have been it was a blessing in disguise.

The Gym will always be there, the squat rack will always be ready for action unlike your last girlfriend.

Girlfriends may come and go but 200 pounds are always 200 pounds.

The Gym Will Never Annoy you

So many girls have bad habits and are annoying as hell.

The gym will always be the light of your life no matter how bad of a workout you had.

You will never be annoyed at the squat rack or the bench press.

It is a loving relationship between you and the gym that will last a lifetime.

The Gym Costs Less Money & Gives More Pleasure

Your gym membership might be expensive but it will never be more expensive than having a girlfriend.

I am talking about all the dinners, gifts, trips and all that kinda stuff that people in relationships do.

The pleasure the gym gives you is worth 100x more than the gym membership you pay for.

The effort you put in the gym and the pleasure you get out of it will always be more than the pleasure you get out of putting in effort in a relationship.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 18.46.11

The Gym will make you look better 

Can a girlfriend make you look better?

The answer to that question is no.

The gym can transform your whole body into a greek god worthy of recognition.

In most cases girls will make you look like less of a man because they are constantly eating candy and offering you to eat it with them.

You can always smash in the gym

The gym is always open and you can always smash the weights in it.

That’s not the case in most relationships.

The gym will always be ready for great action, your girlfriend will not.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 19.20.00

Nothing can make you feel better than the gym

No matter what your girlfriend does she can never make you feel better than the feeling you have when you just finish a gruelling leg workout.

No matter what she does or what gift she gives you it will never come close to the satisfying feeling of pushing your body to it’s limit in the gym.

The gym doesn’t give you shit

No matter what day, what month and what year you walk into the gym it will never give you shit.

The gym will always be there like a gift from heaven that you can use to feel good and better yourself.

It will never be disrespectful or mean to you, like so many girls are to their boyfriends.

The Gym will never cheat on you

It doesn’t matter what gym you walk in, it will never cheat on you.

You don’t even have to worry about that but if you have a girlfriend it is always a chance.

Girls will leave you in a split second if another better looking and richer man is available to them.

The gym will never do that to you.

The Gym Will Never Flake

If you are ready to go on a date with the weights you better believe they will be there.

They will never flake, like so many girls in today’s society do.

If you have a gym session planned nothing can prevent that from happening but you.

The Gym will make you stronger

No girl can make you as strong as a gym can.

No matter what she tries she will never be able to rival a gym.

She can however make you weaker by taking up your time.

Final words.

No girl comes even close to the gym, remember that the next time if a girl ever leaves you.

Just say to yourself, I have the gym so I won’t need a girl.

Until next time yours truly:

Charlie Green

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