10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Bodybuilder

10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Bodybuilder

Every guy who starts training, eating healthy and getting gains knows the feeling of reaping the blessings and benefits that go along with bodybuilding. Here are the top 10 reasons why it rocks to be a bodybuilder and why you should definitely consider bodybuilding and adding tremendous value to your life.

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Girls will remember your body for ever

Imagine eating a pizza without cheese and without toppings for 10 years and than suddenly get a pizza with cheese and 5 different toppings. That is a similar difference like when a girl has had sex with a skinny fat losers for the past 10 years and than has sex with a bodybuilder.

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Confidence is sky high

If bodybuilding is done with intensity and consistency you will most likely make mind blowing gains. Feeling good about your self and crushing your goals will make you a lot more confident person. You will have higher self value and do better in the tasks that life throws at you.


Girls will be attracted to you

With higher confidence, a better body and just in general a better person will make you more desirable to girls. Girls take notice of your great body and high confidence and you will become more attractive to them. They will beg you for your number and do anything they can to get to know you.


People will be Mirin’ you

When you take your shirt off on the beach 7% body fat you will quickly notice how hot Milfs will turn their heads to look at your aesthetic physique. They will definitely be mirin your great body and wish that you would talk to them

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You learn self discipline

You learn how to set goals and reach them. Bodybuilding will teach you how to be disciplined, stay consistent for a long period of time and how hard work will pay off in the end. This will transfer to all aspects of your life you will for example, learn how to fulfil your cardiovascular needs by having sex with many different girls.


Healthy body

By eating clean, doing cardio and training with intensity will both make your body stronger and more healthy. You will definitely add a few years to your life by eating healthy and training.


You will have more sex than you ever thought possible

The demand for aesthetic bodybuilders is far greater than the supply of these rare creatures. Many girls only want to have sex with aesthetic bodybuilders so if you are an aesthetic bodybuilder you might have to work overtime to please many different girls.

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You will look like a greek god in your shirt while your average bro will look like shit

When you buy shirts you will notice how tight they feel and how much they compliment your physique. You can almost see your sixpack through some shirts and it will look awesome. When your mate who doesn’t even lift tries on the same shirt it will look awful, it will look baggy on him and just don’t look right.


Your sister girlfriend keeps demanding a threesome

Many bodybuilders in today’s society have found the dream girl which they call their girlfriend. If she has a sister she will probably be mirin your aesthetics too. Before you realize it your sisters girlfriend will beg you guys to have threesome with her or try to seduce you into having sex with her.


You can eat more food than other people and don’t get fat

Bodybuilders burn far more calories than the average person and therefore they can eat much more calories than average bro’s and don’t get fat.

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