10 Reasons to Choose Weights Over Dates

10 Reasons to Choose Weights Over Dates

#1 – Weights are cheaper than dates

Dates and gifts are expensive, often costing well into three figure sums! Then add on that these will be regular occurrences, this can tot up to ££££’s a year!

But a gym membership can cost you less than a one course meal at your local stake house and you can go a countless amount of times!

#2 – Whinging

Once girls are comfortable around you, you can guarantee that the complaining, nagging and whinging will start… and who needs that in their life? Where as weights will never complain, nag or whinge. Easy win for the weights this one…

#3 – No need to book ahead

Nice restaurant? Then odds are it will be popular and you’ll have to plan and book ahead in order to make sure you have a table.

But the gym? Just shot back some pre workout and rock up when you want and smash a quality session! No need to book ahead or stand around waiting for a table.

#4 – Dress code

Okay, so as any bodybuilder knows, jeans are your worst nightmare. First you have to find a pair that fit over your quads (unless you skip leg day), then once you have a pair that fit you have to suffer the discomfort of them all night!

Where as with the gym you can kick back in a pair of sweat pants and a vest, comfy and practical as you like!

#5 – Apologies

From time to time women can go in these strange, mysterious moods, that require an apology to get them out of it, even if you’ve done nothing.

Where as weights… they will never do this to you.

#6 – Letting yourself go

In relationships many people become content, stagnate and often even let themselves go… piling on the pounds of fat and letting the muscle waste away.

The gym would never cause this! Very much the opposite!

#7 – “Getting it on”

Want to “Get it on” with her? Well that happening is entirely dependant if she’s in the right mood!

But want to “get it on” with the weights? Boom! Take 2 scoops and smash that!!

#8 – Getting angry when you forget

Okay, so you might forget a birthday or an anniversary… Many people have done it, you aren’t the first and damn straight you wont be the last. But the switch is flicked and she’s already in a colossal rage with you!

The gym will never get angry or go in a mood with you if you forget your anniversary or their birthday…

#9 – Girls can come and go… But weights will always be there for you

As the title state, girls can always come and go out of your life, sometimes causing a bit of heartache along the way.

But the gym will never do this to you, it will never cause you heartache, and it will always be there for you, to comfort you and make you feel better.

#10 – Mixed signals

I’m sure every guy has been here when you first start talking to/seeing/dating someone!! When one minute she seems hot, and the next she’s cold… The gym will never do this to you! The gym will always give you 100%, always be there for you, never cancel on you or put off your plans together…

End thought

So after reading these 10 points, what would you chose? Weights or dates??

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