10 Most Unexpected Reasons Guys Start Lifting Weights

10 Most Unexpected Reasons Guys Start Lifting Weights

When you think about people training and lifting weights in the gym, you probably think of the most common reasons why they do it.

Most of the time, people want to improve their health, look good and be strong.

That’s why many people lift weights and do so for those reasons.

However, there are also many other reasons why guys start lifting weights, kind of unexpected reasons.

In this post, we will go over the most unexpected reasons why guys lift weights.

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Their girlfriend broke up with them.

Many guys start lifting weights after their girlfriend of many years left them.

There is a famous quote that says: Breakups make bodybuilders

This is true, and many guys get an incredible drive to start training after their girlfriends reject them.

That’s why we have seen countless of guys get in fantastic shape a few months after their breakup; they use that anger as a motivation to create their best possible physique.

They are depressed

There is a famous quote in the fitness community that says, “The gym is my therapy.”

Many guys have used the gym to battle their depression.

Let me tell you; it works great; if you are feeling down, there are not many better things to do than start building up an incredible physique.

Many guys say that the gym saved their lives because they could always depend on the gym at the lowest point in their life.

The gym can help many guys feel better mentally, and it will also help physically.

They don’t get any attention from girls.

While some guys moan and cry that girls don’t bother to give them attention, others go to the gym to improve themselves.

When guys start going to the gym, they often want to look desirable to females.

What happens often develops into a passion, and they don’t care about impressing girls.

However, they started this whole lifting journey in the first place initially to impress females.

They are jealous

Jealousy can either produce hate towards others or a desire to get better.

Some guys get jealous when guys see someone who has been training for years and looks incredible while they have a dad bod.

There are three types of guys in this situation.

1. A guy that isn’t jealous and doesn’t even want to look muscular or train doesn’t care about other people looking good and is just happy with how things are going in his life.

2. A guy that gets jealous starts hating the person that looks good and talks wrong about him to others but inside, he is extremely jealous.

3. Then there comes the third guy that looks at another man looking good as a motivation to look as good as him or even better; this guy often starts training because he admires the physique of another lifter, maybe a little jealous at first but realizes he can also put in the work to get an incredible body.

Because they were bullied

Many lifters were bullied in childhood and used to gym as an outlet to let out their anger and improve themselves.

The gym is perfect because it makes you physically and mentally stronger.

Many guys started their journey fat or skinny, bullied in childhood, and wanted to make something of themselves.

There is no better redemption story than a remarkable transformation.


Many athletes get injured at some point in their careers, and when they are out of action from the training ground, they start lifting weights in the meantime.

Many athletes started lifting weights and developed a love and passion for the process.

Even though they may not have lifted a lot of weight in the past because they were athletes like soccer players, now they have all the time in the world.

This can lead to guys becoming more obsessed with lifting and even retiring from their sport(if they are young and not on a pro level) because they enjoy lifting weights more than they do playing their sport.

Their partner is getting shape.

If a guy has a girlfriend that started training and is getting in incredible shape, it can motivate them also to start training to be on the same level as their partner.

It’s incredible when you think that fit guys often have fit girlfriends.

Fat guys also often have chubby girlfriends; of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but it’s pretty common for couples to look similar.

This can motivate you to stay at the same level as your partner if she puts in the work and gets in incredible shape.

To become a bouncer

To become a bouncer, you have to be big and muscular; well, let’s clarify, you don’t have to, but in many places, it is required.

Some guys dream of having that control over who to let in the club and have authority.

That’s why they start training to become a big muscle hulk, eventually to become a bouncer with authority.

Because you don’t have any money

If you don’t have much money, at least you can create an incredible physique that doesn’t cost a penny.

Yes, it may cost gym membership, but you can get in shape without it; it requires hours of hard work.

A famous quote, “My body is my Ferrari,” just because you don’t have the big bucks to spend on a lavish lifestyle and a sportscar doesn’t mean you can’t build an incredible physique that gains attention.

To get rid of man boobs

Man boobs are a big problem for many men and can devastate their self-confidence.

Many guys develop man boobs even though they are not fat; they may be skinny guys that don’t lift weights but exercise from time to time.

Many guys are afraid to take their shirts off at the beach because of their man boobs.

That’s why they start training to lose that chest fat and regain self-confidence.

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