The 10 Most Lame Excuses Idiots Use For Not Gaining Muscle

The 10 Most Lame Excuses Idiots Use For Not Gaining Muscle

You have probably heard someone in your gym or a friend talking about how hard it is to gain muscle mass.

These guys have obviously not done what it takes to build a solid body and are complaining because they hit a plateau.

These are also the guys who quit the gym after 1 month of training because they didn’t see results fast enough.

Here are 10 most common excuses idiots use for not gaining muscle.

The 10 Most Lame Excuses Idiots Use For Not Gaining Muscle

1 . You think you eat much 

It’s funny when you see a ectomorphic guy complaining and saying “I eat so much but I never gain any weight”

No you don’t, this bullshit may slide when you tell your mom or girlfriend about it but this is simply not true.

I have found out that these people who say “I eat all day but still don’t gain any weight” are actually not eating that much.

Yes, they might eat a whole pizza, a few biscuits, 2 protein shakes and 1 chicken breast a day and they think that’s a lot.

First of all it’s bad nutrition, educate yourself! Unless you have eaten 6 meals per day consisting of beef,fish, chicken breast, vegtables, oat meal, brown rice and sweet potato. Don’t ever complain about that you can’t gain weight.

2. Training like an idiot

Unfortunately most people train like idiots and are surprised on why they aren’t gaining any muscle.

These idiots will go to the gym do 3 sets of bicep curls with bad form, some lat pulldowns and bench press with way too much weight and are shocked when they don’t see any results.

If you are not squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, doing back rows, lunges, pulll ups and dips don’t even bother going to the gym, stay at home on the coach where you belong.

3. “I don’t have the time”

This is probably the lamest excuse that only losers use.

Everyone can workout for 1 hour at least 5 times per week. If you have time to be on facebook, watch TV and hangout with your girlfriend then you definitely have time to hit the gym.

If you really don’t have time you will wake up 1 hour earlier and make time. Sleep later make gains now and stop being an idiot.The 10 Most Lame Excuses Idiots Use For Not Gaining Muscle

4. I don’t like training

If this is your excuse let me ask you a question.

What is more painful looking like a skinny fat loser with dad bod on the beach while your girl is mirin other guys or putting in 1 hour of pain in the gym every day?

If you are comfortable being a loser then don’t even bother showing up in the gym, we don’t even want you here. Go somewhere else and eat pop corn.

5. You think you need steroids to get muscle

Guys that say “You need steroids to get this big” have never in their entire lives been dedicated in the gym.

They don’t even know how they would look if they gave it a 120% in the gym.

So they will use the steroid card every time they see someone with decent muscle size so they feel better about themselves.

These idiots will always be small and never get any results unless they stop this bullshit complaining and start giving it a 120% in the gym.

6. You are intimidated by bigger guys

Everyone starts in the gym as “the small guy” or “the fat dude” nobody walks in the gym the firs time and bench presses 3 plates for 1o reps.

So when you come to the gym as the small guy or the fat dude and you feel bad about yourself because you have the worst physique in the gym you must know that it it not always going to be that like.

Unfortunately so many people have low confidence and stop showing up because they feel intimidated by big bodybuilders(which are more than likely just normal nice guys with muscles)

This is a lame excuse and if you do not want to spend the rest of your life as a loser then get over this insecurity.

7. You don’t have the money to buy food or supplements

People that use that excuse often times party every weekend spending a lot of money in clubs and on alcohol.

Still they can’t buy foods because bodybuilding foods are so “expensive”

This is just not true and one of the lamest excuse around.

Everyone can afford eggs, canned tuna, oatmeal and cheap steak.

It does not have to cost much and you don’t even need supplements to gain muscle even though they might help.

The 10 Most Lame Excuses Idiots Use For Not Gaining Muscle8. You think you have bad genetics

Most people using this excuse don’t even have bad genetics.

Let’s say you do have bad muscle building genetics, it does not mean that you can’t be one of the best bodybuilder in your gym.

Everyone has the same opportunity to put in hard work in the gym and get results.

If you are not patient enough to see real results then just quit and go home to your girlfriend and cry about it.

Because I sure as hell don’t have the energy nor patience to listen to this bullshit excuse.

9. You don’t feel like training

“I don’t ever feel like going to the gym after working a 10 hour workday”

Nobody feels like training all the time, some guys”who are not feeling it” still bust their ass in the gym everyday.

How can you go to work from 9-5 everyday even though you don’t feel like it but still you can’t force yourself in the gym?

It’s because you are a lazy bastard with excuses that doesn’t know that you have to sacrifice something for success.

10. You have kids

This is a common excuse used by parents and they use their kids to justify their failures in life.

We see this all the time “Oh I have kids I cannot do that”.

How much of an idiot to you have to be to use your kid as an excuse?

I have no sympathy for people that use this excuse and they can stay at home eating candy in the sofa and use their kid to justify their failure.

I don’t care about these people but don’t ever say this bullshit excuse to my face.

Author : Charlie Green

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