10 Downsides Of Being A Bodybuilder

10 Downsides Of Being A Bodybuilder

Training to get big is fun; it becomes a passion for many guys that spend years developing their physique and achieving more remarkable results.

When we say bodybuilders, we aren’t necessarily talking about Mr. Olympia competitors; we are more talking about everyday gym rats that do their best to get results.

Even though the gym lifestyle is excellent, there are certain downsides.

This post will discuss the downsides of training like a bodybuilder.

You are a stim junkie

After using pre-workout for 5-years straight, you have become highly tolerant to caffeine and other stimulants.

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Some guys triple scoop their pre-workout formulas while barely feeling anything and become somewhat reliant on them.

Some bodybuilders can’t train without extreme amounts of caffeine pre-workout, and even if they use it, they don’t feel the same effect they felt 5-years ago when they took their first scoop of pre-workout.

Finding Jeans that fit is almost impossible

Forget about going to the first clothing store in your local mall and finding jeans; if you have been training your legs hard, they will not fit in regular jeans.

Bodybuilders with big thighs will have a challenging task finding jeans; that may be why they wear workout clothes 80% of the time because they can’t find regular clothes that fit.

Girls Don’t Care About Your Gains

Even though you were told that girls cared about the insane gains you made, they don’t.

Let’s take Zyzz for example, 99% of his fans were guys trying to achieve better results in the gym, of course, he got girls but the majority of the attention he received was from fellow lifters.

When you hit a new PR in the deadlift, it’s the fellow bro lifters who will compliment you and admire your strength.

The girls, not so much, so if you are training to impress girls, it may well work; however, once you get over the first years of gains after that barrier, they don’t care.

You become obsessed over your physique

Many lifters are obsessed with getting better, which may not be a bad thing.

But when it goes through the extreme, it can be harmful, like when guys measure all their meals to the gram to be sure they are getting the exact amounts of carbs they can have for the day.

Or if they feel like they look soft in the mirror, it may ruin their day.

A lousy workout where you can’t lift some of the weights you did last week can also get into the head of the obsessed bodybuilder.

Go On Vacation and Lose your gains in 2 weeks

Have you ever dieted and trained your ass off for a vacation on the beach?

Your low-carb diet intense training delivered some pretty good results.

But once you start slamming down pizza and beer down your throat for a few days, your physique bloats up, and you look soft and puffy.

Even though you may still have decent muscle size, the definition you had a week ago is gone.

The cost of foods/supplements/gym membership

If you are eating like a bodybuilder and using supplements, the cost can go high pretty high.

If you take creatine, beta-alanine, whey protein, multivitamins, fish oil, and pre-workout, that alone costs much.

But when you add a gym membership and bodybuilding foods, the cost goes through the roof.

You are accused of using steroids

Natural lifters with decent gains are often accused of using steroids.

Some people don’t believe you can add a decent amount of muscle to your frame without steroids.

Therefore you may be asked when you are at the doctor if you use steroids if you have any health problems.

It’s assumed you take steroids even if you don’t

You are slammed With Insults in family gatherings

Not everyone believes you should lift weights; this is especially true for jealous family members.

They say things like:

The deadlift will break your back.”

“Why are you this big? What is the purpose?”

“It’s unhealthy to be obsessed with the gym.”

“That food you are eating is disgusting; why don’t you have some cake?”


With lifting heavyweights come the occasional injuries.

Most bodybuilders experience an injury from lifting at some point in their life even though they are training smartly.

When you are injured, you can’t train, or maybe you can train but not the injured body part

So injuries are pretty upsetting and one of the worst things for a bodybuilder to experience.

You Make Other Guys feel Insecure

Being a big bodybuilder walking around with your big delts and arms in a t-shirt will make other people feel insecure.

Especially average guys with their girlfriends, so they will talk badly about you to their girlfriend because they are insecure.

I guess this is not a big downside, but still, it is because people are talking badly about you behind your back even though you are a nice guy.

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