“Why I Didn’t Think of That?” Supplements?

"Why Didn't I Think of That?" Supplements?

We have all been shopping and saw a really cool idea and thought “Why didn’t I think of that?” With changes in the supplement industry, products these days are getting pretty innovative which is exciting. Supplements for a while have been in a stagnant lull where nothing really useful was coming out. Companies were all copying each other or simply extending their line through flavor extensions. While this is fine to allow for more choices, I think we are all always on the lookout for something new to catch our eye.

In an effort to not completely knock ourselves out, yet give ourselves a face-palm, I have found some pretty cool products that I think you might be interested in and wish you would have thought of the idea as they definitely would fit into our lives nicely and would be extremely convenient.

Below are some “Why didn’t I think of that?” supplements:

DreamPak ProPump 100% Whey Protein Isolate

When I first saw this product, its many uses instantly popped into my head. This product is literally a bottle that has a pump-style top on it like you would see at a fast food chain where you pump out ketchup at the dispenser and fill a cup from the nozzle. Same concept only with each pump from the ProPump you will be getting 7g of whey protein isolate (in an immediate liquid form). Pretty cool. We are used to either seeing protein in a powder form, bar, or a liquid state like in a Ready-To-Drink can or bottle. The idea is you can take your shaker bottle and put it under the pump and push out however many servings you want.Image result for dreampak propump whey isolate

Each bottle contains 25 servings and each serving is considered three pumps from the bottle. Each serving gives you 190 calories, 4.5g of fat, 16g of carbohydrates, 1g of sugar, and 20g of high-quality whey protein isolate. Flavors come in Vanilla Crème and Double Chocolate—pretty safe flavors to launch with.

While the cost isn’t as low as a whey isolate powder, it’s still a really convenient way to help hit your protein requirements for the day. There are also some outside the box ways of using this that I thought of. For instance, you no longer need to buy those unhealthy creamers from the grocery store to put in your coffee. Now every morning you can use anywhere from 1-3 pumps of ProPump and flavor your coffee with a double chocolate or vanilla crème flavoring.

Maybe you hate mixing protein powder in your yogurt? Now you can add a pump or so to your cup of yogurt and up the overall protein content. Same could hold true for your oatmeal if you wanted to add some protein and flavoring. There are several uses for this product and one I think many people could benefit from.

MAN Sports ISO-AMINO Coffee Creamer Bliss

One of the uses for the product mentioned above was its use as a coffee creamer. The ability to get in some added protein is a great option in the morning. But what if your diet doesn’t allow you to have calories in the morning? For instance, maybe you are following an intermittent-style diet where you only eat between noon and 8pm (or whatever 8-hour window you are using). Black coffee just doesn’t cut it for you in the morning and you don’t want to use a sweetener of some sort.

MAN has released a very cool powdered BCAA coffee creamer. It supplies you with 5g of BCAAs with each scoop/serving no matter if you’re enjoying hot or cold coffee. Now mind you, this isn’t just for those who want to drink coffee in the morning and don’t want any calories, it can be used by anyone at any time of day. Maybe you enjoy a nice cup of coffee at night while relaxing and want some added BCAAs? No problem, MAN has you covered!Image result for MAN SPORTS ISO-AMINO COFFEE CREAMER BLISS

The product itself is dairy and gluten-free and comes in two flavors—French Vanilla and Hazelnut. They also have a Pumpkin Spice which they just released but I’m not completely positive that it’s a flavor that will be sticking around or if it’s a seasonal flavor that will come and go based on the season (at the time of writing this it is fall). These flavors can also be added to your favorite protein powder to add some extra flavor as well as aminos—it’s a win-win. Want to change things up and add the Pumpkin Spice flavor to a protein shake or oatmeal? BOOM! I like the ability to add BCAAs to just about anything I can imagine with this product.

Protein Chips

This section is a little different as I couldn’t simply choose just one brand since they all have their positives and negatives when it comes to taste profiles and is very subjective. For me personally, I’m a huge snack guy. Not in the sense of sitting down and eating a tub of ice cream, but rather I like eating things throughout the day between meals. With protein chips, you can eat them anywhere and get in some protein. They all come in a bag that can very easily be thrown in a backpack, gym bag, or briefcase—no reason to not be able to carry a protein-rich snack with you wherever your day may take you.

Now for the brands. Quest Nutrition has their variety of protein chips, as does Novo Nutrition, Got7 Nutrition, and I Won Nutrition, just to name a few. I live in Pennsylvania, and here we have the Pennsylvania Dutch. Say what? What does that mean? Let me explain. PA Dutch are known for their love of pretzels and potato chips. And not just any potato chips—we’re talking about the greasy lard potato chips. These could stop an elephants heart with just one serving—but they’re also dang good though. But none the less, something we should all avoid. So these chips are a great way to think you are eating something that you really shouldn’t be without the guilt of polishing off an entire bag at one sitting.Image result for quest protein chips

What I also like is that Quest Nutrition has branched out into protein tortilla chips. In my fridge you will always find a freshly made container of salsa. I dump it on everything and can now throw these Quest Nutrition Tortilla Chips in the mix to add some variety to my “snacks”.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. The products mentioned in this article are just a few of the new and innovative products/supplements that I thought many people might be interested in learning about if they already weren’t aware they existed. If you give any of the above a try, feel free to reach out to me and let me know your thoughts on them.

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