Why Do We Need Supplements? Is a Simple Diet Not Enough?

We may think we’re healthy because we eat good meals every day. What we don’t know is that the nutrients from the food we eat will never be enough especially to those that always eat non-healthy foods. What we need is to restore supplement, something that can strengthen our body giving us the lacking vitamins and minerals in our body. If you want to strengthen your immune system, be able to fight diseases, and achieve a maximum life span, a diet alone will never be enough.

There are some extra nutritional boosts that can be given to our body that only supplements can. In the case of the plants, it can survive with adequate amount of sunlight and water but adding a fertilizer that’s rich in nutrients will make the plant thrive. Same principle applies to us, human beings, with the sunlight and water as our needs and the fertilizer as our supplements.

restore supplement

Here are a couple of reasons why we need to restore supplement no matter how healthy our lifestyle may be.

· For exercise

if you’re an athlete or just someone who exercises regularly, the extensive amount of extra energy and oxygen used by active individuals requires consumption of nutrients that will exceed the usual Recommended Dietary Allowance which can result in a limited athletic performance.

· Aging

As we grow older, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food decreases. The children nowadays are taking multivitamins to support healthy tissue and bone formation as well as developing a stronger immune system. Same process should go for the older ones by taking supplements. We just have to choose the right one as there are some that may interfere with the proper nutrient absorption.

· Genetics

all of us have weaknesses due to our genes including higher needs of some nutrients, higher rates of depletion for certain nutrients, and some illnesses that we need to be careful of, and if possible be able to prevent it.

· Getting enough nutrients

due to nutrient depletion in the soil, commercial harvesting, additional preservatives and other chemicals, our food can no longer provide enough nutrients in our body and some may even contain chemicals that can affect our metabolism and immune system.

· Depletion of essential nutrients

most medications can deplete nutrients in our body. With the help of the supplements, our body may be able to restore balance.

· Stronger muscles

supplements help to transport and feed your muscles as well as countering any minor and major deficiencies that you may have.

· Provision of anti-oxidants

vitamins A, C, and E are some of those that we can’t get 100% from food but can get it from supplements that can provide anti-oxidants.

· Poor digestion

stress, inconsistent or irregular eating habits, and not chewing the food properly can actually contribute into having a poor digestion which results in making it difficult for our bodies to extract.

· Prevention

supplementation can aid in preventing some health issues that can occur to us like having high cholesterol.

· Cost effective

not only our supplements can boost your immune system in a natural way, but it is also a cost-effective way of keeping yourself healthy.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds or gain some muscles, adding supplements to your diet will also help you reach your goal faster. There are a lot of fats that our body doesn’t really need and could even cause us any illness. Converting it to muscles is a lot better and could even increase our metabolism.

Here are a few supplements that you shouldn’t be skipping, especially when you’re trying to lose fats and gain more muscles. These can help you in your quest to reach physical perfection.

· Multivitamins – working out or doing exercises can cause your body to lose energy including the vitamins that you need to sustain you. According to different researches, a lot of people that works hard to lose weight often lack vitamins.

· Protein Powders and Bars – protein is something our body needs especially when you’re trying to gain more muscles. Protein supplements like protein shakes, and nutrition bars are very good alternative for meals and snacks as they will easily make you full and can provide you the essential fats and carbs that your body needs.

· Glutamine – inflammation, and risks of infections can happen when you’re working out causing you to feel sick. Glutamine can help reduce those risks and can even help stimulate muscle growth and enhance performance by regulating glycogen in your body.

· Creatine – if building your strength and having lean muscle mass is your goal, creatine can be a big help for you.

Aside from trying to get a fit and lean body, supplements can also be a big contribution to your hair, nails, and skin that promises to make you look younger.

· Hair

thinning of hair and hair loss can be caused by anemia and / or aging. It usually occurs if your body lacks iron which causes it to have a low level of red blood cells resulting in hair loss. Taking iron supplements and pair it with Vitamin C can help you save your hair in a very cheap and efficient way.

· Nails

Fish oil is one of the best supplements in getting a stronger nail as it provides you Omega-3 fatty acids which is very important for the health of your nails. Biotin is also a good help for those who love to swim as it prevents breakage from too much exposure to salt and chlorine.

· Skin

whether it’s a sunburn or a rough skin, there are a lot of ways to take care of the largest organ in our body. Aside from using a sunscreen, you may boost your UV protection by taking an antioxidant supplement. It can also prevent you from having wrinkles and brown spots. Supplements can also cause you to have firm and smooth skin that can really impress you with the results. It can cause you to have firmer and smoother skin, increase in skin’s moisture, reduction of fine lines, fading of sun spots, and get an overall brighter complexion.

Overall, supplements are something that we or we may not need. However, with the technology and chemicals going around us, it’s best if we consider restoring supplements by taking one or two of those to help us to be healthier. An extra mile will help us look good as well.

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