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best Shoulder Exercises For Injury Prevention

The shoulder is one of the most important body joint. However, unlike the other big joints, it is mainly composed of soft tissues; 6 major ligaments, over 30 muscles and a complex of 5 joints. Almost every workout demands a lot of shoulder use and usually assume over 1600 different positions. Since there is more …

How to stick to your diet

Whether you are trying to lose or maintain your current weight or you simply want to following healthy eating habits, sticking to your diet at the beginning of the year will play a huge role in determining your success. Changing your diet is easy, however, sticking by the new changes the whole year is usually …


Ways to Utilize Meditation Before a Workout. written by: best0fall Meditation and relaxation are not something that comes to mind when you are thinking about working out, but meditation can complement a workout quite well. Here is a simple meditation to practice before you exercise. Train your mind as well as your body! This meditation …

best joint supplements on the market

The Problem of Joint Pain Something that many men have to face when starting an intense workout regimen is joint pain. This can be worse for men who are older but affects athletes of all ages. Joint pain is a very common problem but, unfortunately, not a lot of people take it into consideration as …

Healthy New Year

With the new year upon us, gyms will start filling up and all of those people with a fitness resolution will have their expectations soaring.  Those who aren’t already members of gyms will be out searching for a place to sign on the dotted line.  Little do they know that more than half of them …

Best ways to stimulate the mind and improve brain functions

Believe it or not, our brain needs as much exercise as our body to stay healthy and in top shape. Just like living in an unfit body relates to how our overall appearance looks, an unstimulated brain can cause a drop in cognitive functions. However, analyzing the brain function is not easy to a casual …



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