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The Many Dangers of Going Gluten-Free

Weight Gainer Protein – A Guide

All About Strongest Pre-Workout Supplements

The Best Supplements That will Ensure You Get Ripped Quickly

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5 Fakest Health Food Claims

Don’t get tricked by food manufacturers! It’s time you found out about the truth. Love Handles In a Box Did you know? The unhealthiest foods usually have the most health claims on its label. How ironic. Think about your breakfast cereal and the satisfaction of eating a very nutritious meal that’s: -Low in Fat -High …


Men who are physically healthy in middle age have a lower risk of developing and dying from particular cancers, new research indicates. “Fitness is a huge predictor of [cancer] risk,” said Dr. Susan Lakoski, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Vermont, in Burlington. “You have to be appropriate to safeguard yourself …

Tips For Pain-Free Squats

Do you notice an uncomfortable sensation of pinching each time you do squats? Yes, you’re right. It’s unnatural and it’s probably telling you that there’s something wrong. The pinching sensation is probably coming from your hips. Hip pain is quite common among those who do squats. If people were to describe it, the pain would …

best Shoulder Exercises For Injury Prevention

The shoulder is one of the most important body joint. However, unlike the other big joints, it is mainly composed of soft tissues; 6 major ligaments, over 30 muscles and a complex of 5 joints. Almost every workout demands a lot of shoulder use and usually assume over 1600 different positions. Since there is more …

Benefits of turmeric in your skin

From the rhizomes (root) of this perennial plant found in India, come the highly valued turmeric health benefits. However, turmeric has other talents besides being used for medicine. Turmeric is a relatively new arrival to most Americans spice racks, but it’s been a mainstay flavoring spice of Indian curries for thousands of years. In addition …

Cryotherapy - How Does It Work.Cryotherapy - How Does It Work.

How Does It Work? Cryotherapy is a revolutionary trend that’s quickly becoming the norm, especially in performance athletes and weightlifters. The immediate benefits? It’s a performance enhancer and it can help with recovering faster. In the process, the body is enveloped by a tube that contains freezing temperatures of somewhere around 184 and -270 degrees …



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