Don’t Be Average!

Don't Be Average

Don't Be Average!

Average. Look it up in the dictionary. It means, “having qualities that are seen as typical of a particular person or thing.”

That’s the word most would use to describe their physical appearance and fitness level. That is the 175lb skinny fat guy that struggle through 10 push ups and just one pull up. Average takes the elevator to bypass the hunched over, out of breath, stomach cramping that happens after he takes the two flights of starts to his cubicle. Average chooses the company cafeteria for a quick grease bathed dish. He opts to sit in front of the tv instead of carving out some gym time. He heads to bed at 9:30 pm just to set his alarm and do it all over again.Don't aim for average

Don’t be average. You don’t have to be average. You have options.

Average should not be the end goal. A majority of guys sign up for a gym membership of start a fitness program to simply, “get healthy” or loose a few pounds. It’s a very attainable, very comfortable but not admirable goal. Potential to blow past the competition is at your fingertips and settling for anything less is a disservice to you and your physical capabilities.

Ever hear guys say to each other, “I’m just going to maintain for a while”? Stop them right there. Walk away. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. You either move forward, or you’re headed backwards. Maintenance is code for, I look kinda ok and don’t feel like putting in the time and work it takes to bring things o the next level. It’s a fancy way of wrapping up the word, lazy, into a word important and an acceptable term for those only semi-committed to their physical appearance.

Our real problem with maintenance? It sets you up for failure. The bar is already set low, so what happens when life gets busy? When you don’t have access to certain equipment or you decide to take a day or two (or three or four) off? You slowly decline and before you know it, that bar that was already set low is now pretty non-existent.

Don’t allow yourself to make maintenance the end goal. It’s a trap, and many have fallen, victim. It should be a temporary tool in your toolbox. Use it as a stepping-stone to your next phase in your fitness plan. Life’s too short for half assery.

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