Cryotherapy – Your New Best Friend For Recovery

Cryotherapy - How Does It Work.Cryotherapy - How Does It Work.

How Does It Work?

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary trend that’s quickly becoming the norm, especially in performance athletes and weightlifters. The immediate benefits? It’s a performance enhancer and it can help with recovering faster. In the process, the body is enveloped by a tube that contains freezing temperatures of somewhere around 184 and -270 degrees Fahrenheit via cooled liquid nitrogen.

The liquid nitrogen passes by the entire control system every 8 to 10 seconds. Everything is managed by a printed circuit board. The entire setup makes the body think it’s in danger, or a “fight or flight response” if you will. Blood is quickly distributed to the extremities as a result.

Cryotherapy - How Does It Work.Cryotherapy - How Does It Work.

You see, when our bodies are exposed to freezing temps, our blood tries to compensate by grouping together in our core. This is a survival mechanism that we acquired from our ancestors long ago. Not only that, but the blood becomes nutrient dense and more oxygenated than usual. So during the cryotherapy sessions, our bodies do the same. They vasoconstrict and blood rushes from the cardio system to the vital organs, then back to the cardio system. This happens in a loop as long as you stay in the chamber.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Something good happens as you step outside the cryo chamber. The body and brain senses the “danger” has passed; the brain commands the body to distribute back the blood to peripheral tissues. Endorphins are released, and you feel great.

Most people who have tried cryotherapy have remarked how wonderful they feel after the session. Sure, it can be uncomfortable, especially if it’s your first time, but it’s not hypothermia-inducing. The gradual change of temp is gradual, and the operators can definitely tell you that you won’t get frostbite or anything like that.

How Cryotherapy Can Speed Up Recovery

Athletic trainers have been touting the effects of cold therapy for years, but the cryotherapy of today is more advanced and has more features. The active compression makes the healing factor move along much faster. The benefits become obvious in the eyes of professional athletes who can’t wait to get back into the game, and for the medical professionals who work alongside them.

Science shows how exercise recovery is truly vital in the workout process. It’s so important that it can directly affect how long and how hard you can work out by the next day. Moreover, you can control the results you want to achieve. Cryotherapy is known to reduce recovery time by half. The benefits can be applied to patients who are recovering from surgery. It can slash post-surgery recovery by up to 40%.

whole body cryotherapy benefits

Cryotherapy Systems Help Accelerate Healing In The Following Aspects:

Boost Metabolic Activity: Your body’s metabolism effectively flushes out the toxins post workout. It’s the best form of natural healing.

Better Cold Delivery: Traditional ice packs are inferior in the face of cryotherapy systems. Sure, they draw heat away from your body, but they also get to room temperature over time, and thus becoming less effective. WBCs can continually introduce cold temperatures via the tubes/wraps surrounding the body. A constant stream of cold takes away the heat from the injury in a continuous manner. The advantage here becomes obvious- it never gets to room or warmer temps.

Collagen Production: Regular sessions of cryotherapy can significantly boost collagen production over time. Collagen is an important protein found in our skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. In particular, collagen protein is the glue that holds our body structure together. An increase in collagen means faster tissue repair and the ability to regenerate increases.

Better Blood Flow: Health experts have been proclaiming how we need more oxygen in our blood to improve the immune system and lower our risks of developing illnesses. Cryosauna treatments, combined with healthy eating will oxygenate your tissues and help move blood along. The same WBC system that have active compression features do a better job of improving blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage. In other words, your body is infused with oxygen-rich blood, which is then delivered to injured places to accelerate the healing process.

Pain Management: Physiotherapy is currently the leading process when it comes to rehabilitating a professional athlete’s injuries, but cryotherapy treatment can work wonders as well, if not better. It’s a short term pain relief therapy which brings out the body’s endorphins, our natural pain relief hormones. In fact, cryotherapy has become one of the best pain relief supplements for those suffering from rheumatoid diseases since its introduction in the 1970s. Now, it is one of the most popular pain relief treatment for a host of physical problems such as sports injuries, joint inflammation and muscle pains.

Reduced Inflammation: Stretches are done prior to workouts because they limber up our muscles and joints to prevent injuries. Cryotherapy sessions boost the body’s anti-inflammatory system to start the healing process much sooner after a good workout. You can potentially reduce muscle damage and general soreness when you go to cryotherapy immediately after a vigorous workout.

Increased Strength And Energy: While in cold conditions the body goes into an alert, which boosts the immune system. Sports athletes and performance trainers also report an invigorated physique and a sense of renewed energy after a cryotherapy session. in simple terms, one acquires an increase in strength and energy levels. You’re less tired and more ready to begin another workout. Performance increases and you achieve new levels of strength.

Boosted Immune System: A reinforced immune system does a lot of good things for the individual. Nutrient levels are off the roof, there’s more oxygenation and also increased blood circulation. Hormonal balance becomes normalized (which is a good thing), and suddenly the benefits of cryotherapy become quite clear, especially when applied to the fields of sports and general surgery.

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