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Why You Must Stretch and Foam Roll!

Why You Must Stretch and Foam Roll! Two very beneficial things people neglect when weight training or being active to improve their body are stretching and foam rolling. Most individuals do not even have a clue what a foam roller is or what it is capable of doing. My goal at the end of this article is to discuss and provide the benefits of both stretching and foam rolling and what aspects they can have on your overall training. STRETCHING First and foremost lets talk about stretching, most individuals when they hear the word stretch associate themselves with touching...

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5 Healthy Chipotle Muscle Building Meal Options

5 Muscle Building Chipotle Meals We all live very hectic lifestyles that have busier days than others. Whether you are a student, teacher, construction worker, banker, or business professional there will always be time constraints in your everyday life. With a tight schedule, it may not always be possible to prepare our meals for the week in advance. We sometimes have to pay the price to eat healthily and get a quality protein packed meal on the go. Luckily restaurants are now creating healthier options for those eating on the go. Chipotle is hands down, one of my favorite...

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How To Attack Stubborn Shoulders – Ways To Improve Your Shoulder Workout

How To Attack Stubborn Shoulders - Ways To Improve Your Shoulder Workout Let us face it, shoulders are a very stubborn body part. Most gym trainees have very underdeveloped shoulders. Over the course of time, I have found that many people plateau on shoulder exercises such as shoulder press, or adding weight to their isolations. What I have found over the years of research and training myself is that shoulders may need a few varieties to make them grow. Sometimes doing things backwards help speed up the process of stimulating the body part. Everyone is so used to training...

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Why Couples Should Workout Together

Why Couples Should Workout Together Lets Talk About Sex Research shows that working out with your other half doesn’t only fight the extra stone 65% of us gain in a relationship (hello to Netflix and chill nights.). It can also make your bond stronger, your relationship happier and your sex life better. A 2008 study conducted at Florida Atlantic University found that couples who exercised frequently were more likely to rate themselves higher in regards to sexual performance and sexual desirability. However, researchers also found that the improvements in sexual health varied between the two sexes. Physical activity was...

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Proper Pre and Postworkout Supplementation

Proper Pre and Postworkout Supplementation Pre-workout supplementation over the decade have really evolved. From the beginning, they were very simple, and now very complex. You see tons of different formula’s, prop blends, and also individual ingredients that make one another truly stick out. In my stance, the first thing to address will be caffeine intake. Everyone is different, some people are wired off 100mg caffeine, while some may have a tolerance up to 300-400mg caffeine per individual serving or multiple servings of a pre-workout product. Other things we will have to factor based off the individual and how they...

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