5 Healthy Chipotle Muscle Building Meal Options

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5 Muscle Building Chipotle Meals

We all live very hectic lifestyles that have busier days than others. Whether you are a student, teacher, construction worker, banker, or business professional there will always be time constraints in your everyday life. With a tight schedule, it may not always be possible to prepare our meals for the week in advance. We sometimes have to pay the price to eat healthily and get a quality protein packed meal on the go. Luckily restaurants are now creating healthier options for those eating on the go. Chipotle is hands down, one of my favorite places to visit when I need to get a high-quality protein muscle building meal.

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Often times I get the question: Is Chipotle Healthy? The answer is YES! Chipotle offers a variety of ways to customize your food. Whether you are dieting or bulking there is plenty of options to help meet your caloric needs. Not everyone will love burritos so you could opt for a bowl. Some may love hard shell tacos, and the next person may hate them. The Good thing is that Chipotle offers soft flour tacos and soft corn tacos. With countless options of mix-ins, I am going to give you my top five muscle building options when visiting Chipotle.

1. The Bulking Burrito

1 Flour Tortilla, Order Double Chicken, Brown Rice, Pinto Beans, Salsa, Cheese, and Sour Cream

Calories ~ 1000
Protein ~ 89.5g
Carbs ~ 106g
Fat ~ 46.5g

If your goal is mass gain, this will be the option for you. Lots of calories, a large bolus of protein, and a delicious transportable meal on the go!

2. Low-Carb Steak Burrito Bowl

Ingredients:healthy chipotle

Romaine Lettuce, Guacamole, Fajita Vegetables, Red Chili Salsa, and Double Steak.


Calories ~ 655
Protein ~ 64g
Carbs ~ 20g
Fat ~ 35.5g

For those dieting and trying to watch their caloric content, this would be a great option. This is a very high fat and protein meal while trimming the carbs.
3. Anabolic Carnitas Corn Tacos
3 Crispy Corn Tortillas, Double Order Carnitas, White Rice, Fajita Vegetables, Lettuce, and Cheese.

Calories ~ 730
Protein ~ 38g
Carbs ~ 71g
Fat ~ 31g

healthy chipotle

This taco option provides a middle of the road caloric option at Chipotle. Provides a good chunk of protein, which is vital for muscle building!

4. Bean & Barbacoa Protein Packed Taco’s
3 Soft Flour Tortillas, Double Order Barbacoa, Pinto Beans, Fajita Vegetables, Green Chili Salsa, and Lettuce.

Calories ~ 745
Protein ~ 62g
Carbs ~ 74g
Fat ~ 25g

These tacos are a lower fat option that supplies a large protein content. Great for those who watch their fat intake, but are not shy of chowing down carbohydrates!

5. The Dieter’s Dream Salad


Double Chicken, Lettuce, Fajita Vegetables, Fresh Tomato Salsa, and Black Beans

Calories ~ 560
Protein ~ 74g
Carbs ~ 33g
Fat ~ 15gchipotle

For those watching their physique look no further than a healthy salad. Loaded with protein, low in calories, and a very caloric friendly option.

Eating healthy does not have to be a burden. When we travel and cannot cook all of our food, we need to utilize our resources. Getting a high-quality protein packed meal when eating out is never a cheap feat. If you need a muscle building meal on the go, look no further than Chipotle. Chipotle also offers online nutrition to customize what you need. Meeting your macros and customizing your diet can be easy using these five muscle building meal options.

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